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The income tax portal on which taxpayers from all over the country file their returns is not working for the last one month or more. Taxpayers are not able to file their returns and due to this the professionals are also worried since the work is being piled up. Due to non-filing of returns, many works of Taxpayers including bank loan related works of are stalled, every year about 6 crore returns are filed across India by the Tax Payers.

Income Tax Return Portal was closed on 1st June 2021 and at the same time it was announced that this portal will be launched on 7th June 2021 with new features and with new service Provider. It was the longest holiday ever since the e-portal of Income Tax was launched in India so taxpayers and professionals expected that the Income Tax Portal which was working very well till now will work with more enhanced features and facilities. The portal was started on 7th June 2021but it has so many complaints even on first day and even today returns are not being filed on the Income Tax Portal and many of the other facilities have either not been started or are not working properly.

The government has recently announced that 40000 returns are going on the new portal every day, but this is neither a solution nor is there any sign of improvement in future because the income tax portal has a record of filing of over 49 Lakhs return in a single day. This is a record which was made on 31 August 2019 and this figure of 40000 returns in a day in front of it is indicating the seriousness of the situation in itself.

Any shortcomings in this regard should be removed soon and for this the help of experts who were running the portal before 31st May should also be taken. Taxpayer has nothing to do with who is the service provider but this is the failure of the Service provider and one can say that it is a biggest failure in history of Information Technology.  Besides filing of Income tax returns the other facility are either not working or not up to the mark.

What is happened is happened and the full solution of the each and  every problem of the Income Tax portal  is not appeared to be coming very soon hence the Government should make alternate arrangements for Taxpayers to file their returns. This will be the biggest Damage control since this is the peak time for filing of returns. The failure of Service provider is giving lot of bad images to the Government. For this purpose, the help of erstwhile service provider should be taken, if necessary or the old portal should be started only for filing of Income Tax returns.

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  1. Priya says:

    Filling ITR2 at new portal is a painful. Why do we need to select applicable schedules at every login. Once schedules are selected, it should be saved for next login. I also noted that short term capital gain is not captured under special income schedule for 15% tax. It is added to total income and tax calculated at normal rate.

  2. Balu says:

    I entered the assessment year wrongly. I have given application to AO for rectification and taken acknowledgement. One month no action. Entered grievance in the portal. One month no action. I called and spoken to portal software engineer. He told they will shortly update the portal with new features and it can be rectified by user. This facility was available in old portal. No idea when it will be done

  3. renjith says:

    The new portal is absolutely erractic and flimsy. Earlier portal was so easy and user friendly.
    Been trying to file my ITR-2 for last one week,
    1-not pulling my salary information from my Form 16s.
    2- not accepting the deductions which am forced to manually fill coz of point -1

  4. V D Patel says:

    I tried to file my ITR-1 on the new income tax portal, but in the deductible, the portion not allowing me to claim my Mediclaim insurance premium amount under the senior citizen category because my birthday is not updating in my profile as per my previous ITR and my PAN CARD. Also, my professional service income is not updated automatically where my TDS has been deducted.
    The previous e- filing software was very easy and comprehensive so please allow us to utilize till the new become effective

  5. Sanjay Kumar says:

    I don’t understand who has taken up the responsibility of providing a proper filing facility on the new portal. Looks like no one is ready to own it. What happened to the SOP that the new system should have been tested on a larger scale and made to run parallelly with the old portal atleast for the current filing season.

  6. Devender says:

    For the last one month, I have been trying to file Tax but was able to log in only three times, and even in those attempts, pages froze. How can we file income tax if this Portal is not working? 0 Ratings for this State of Art Portal.

  7. Sanjay says:

    I am also facing similar issues as already mentioned by few people before. When I login, I see the tax deposited in the dashboard but when I try to fill in the return, respective TDS schedule doesn’t show any tax already deposited.

  8. MANOHAR AHUJA says:


  9. ROHIT GOYAL says:

    This new portal is a Farce created by infosys. Old portal was working very fine and could have been updated easily. many calculations made in ITR-2 viz CG,SI are wrong because of which return is not validating also strange validation errors are coming. In one of my case of HUF it is giving that Pan no. of filer and representative is different when there is no such representative. No customer care and no authority to solve the problems.

      1. Sanjay says:

        I am facing same issue. Short term capital gain is not captured under special income schedule for 15% tax. It is added to total income and tax calculated at normal rate. very strange and weird system.

  10. Ashutosh says:

    Biggest fraud is the government is not pushing to at least publish list of known issues. Why are citizens left wondering if they are doing something wrong or the portal is defective.
    Blot of India IT and shame of Indian government for launching a shoddy portal.
    Let a PIL be filed to make sure there is no penalties and government pays interest on refunds for the delays cause by portal issues.

  11. George says:

    I tried filing tax returns in ITR2 off line and online from June onwards.
    On validation I get an error message “Gross dividend is not equal to the sum of quarterly accruals in s no.10 – DTAA system calculated …3vii or so. I don’t see any system calculated figure in 3.
    I am a resident and dtaa rate is not applicable.

    I left it and waited for the issues to get resolved. I made atleast 10 attempts, and latest on July 20th and the same error message. Cannot upload because of this. Paying tax on dividend is ok but the pain of knowing system calculated sum is too much. If it is different from the sum of 4 numbers and shows it, I could enter it as the gross dividend and finish the tax filing. I am not new to online tax filing.

    1. Shaji Abraham says:

      This problem was raised to IT department as a . grievance a week ago. I also faced the same “dtaa” rate issue when I tried to report a small dividend less than 1000 rupees. I have already spent more than a week on this new portal. If the system is not properly working, at least the fact should be informed, so that one should not waste precious time. Let the govt allow the previous version of efiling.



  13. Venkatraman says:

    1. My suggestion that a copy of all the articles so far in relation to new portal may be forwarded to Sri Narayanamoorthy, founder of Infosys so that let him also be aware of the problems

    1. DG says:

      No point. Infosys also had massive issues while taking over MCA system a few years ago, even after it was succesfully run by the previous provider for many years. We have all seen the GST system mess, also a product of this govt and Infosys.

      It looks like as if Infosys does not provide good people to work on Govt of India projects. They should be blacklisted due their poor performance record in working for finance and commerce systems of national importance. The whole design of the new system is very odd, and makes the user suffer again and again for server and software issues. Infy should have provided an app that can work offline, and connect at the back to IT servers for assessee, tax and income information and for submitting fillled up final checked forms to the server. All pre-checks can take place in the local app on your laptop. This way server load will be very less, and user will always have latest data saved on his machine. Even if a server save fails, user does not need to input all the data again.

      1. soman says:

        The system took my filing on 31st Jul 21. Verification etc went through. Finally I got demand notice and found the system did not acknowledge the self assessment tax that is reflected in AS 26. Hence it is now showing a huge demand instead of a refund. What am I to do try refiling a revised return and struggle with manually adding the self assessment tax?
        In the case of my wife she has a notification that 143(1) has been sent. But no email and not form 143(1). So we do not know if the problem is present for her or not. .


    Can someone who knows an MP raise this issue in Parliament. I wonder whether Congress MPs woll be willing to raise the issue so that old Portal is restored and this Service Provider Black listed fronm further Government works

  15. Ashok Srivastava says:

    I had tried so many times to e verify ITR of AY 2020-21 but could not be done. Every time I faced the problem of password incorrect or e verification done but in the screen shown, not e verified.Separately ITR duly signed were sent to CPC, Bengaluru but still e- verifications are pending.

  16. Vipan kumar verma says:

    This is not good portal it was great trouble one for well specified Tax filer, but how it is possible for innocent assessee to file ITR, I e verified 20 times e verification but in the screen shown, not e verified. Wrong old forms filed showing when consulted Special Tax Professional replied wait wait. How much wait.

  17. Piyush Gupta says:

    Inspite of submitting grievances number of times, the portal shows grievance resolved, though it is not. I don’t know as to when authorities will act and stop troubling honest tax payers.
    Where is vivad se vishwas?

  18. Debabrata Bose says:

    Similar problems are facing while submitting of ITR1. At the last stage while submitting for Verification, it says Someone went wrong try later. I tried many times but same fate. I called CPC Customer care, they heard it and advised to send mail with Screenshot. I send it but till one week no reply. To clear confusion neither Authority nor Finance Department come forward with a press note, as to when these glitches will be removed.

  19. Pravinchandra G Desai says:

    Is it possible to upload ITR 2 on the new WEBSITE? If it is then many taxpayers problem will be solved. Currently CAs say that ITR 2 cannot be uploaded. Is this a fact ?

    1. Surinder Sachdev says:

      Indeed very painful as portal is throwing so many inconsistencies and causing significant loss of time . Form 15 CA could be uploaded by me and i did get acknowledgment but after filing, the Form is not visible on the portal and hence cannot be downloaded . Raised grievance twice but when i check the status , it shows Grievance ” Resolved’ . Same problem appears and in order to show their performance , they are falsifying status. When I tried to raise grievance again, submit button does not work which implies that the function is disabled so that same grievance is nor raised .

  20. Narasimhan says:

    I really dont understand why a parellel run of the old and new systems could not have been in place for a limited period of time – let us say 3 months. This would have solved lots of problems.

    TDS returns which were uploaded successfully on the new portal, are now not appearing in TRACES.

    Unable to bear the pressure from clients, who are clamouring for Form 16, 16A, ITR etc.

    After filing ITR-1, the ITR-V is not downloading.

    After doing Aadhar based EVC, the return is still showing as not e-verified, even though I got an sms confirming e-verification.

    Dont know when this confusion will end?

    Rs. 4800 crores of tax-payers money down the drain and still no solution

    1. Alex D'Mello says:

      There is more talking than actual functioning on many issues today. In case of Aadhar which was done wiithout complete information then, creates regular problems, many people visit Aadhar centres several times still the new information is not updated. Even the Aadhar phone & email which was provided at the time of application need to be verified again for Udyam certificate.

  21. P. Gupta says:

    What a shoddy job by the concerned. I have wasted enormous man hours with no results. Trivial solution is to re-launch the old portal. Claims of prefilled data on ITR 2 and 4 are bogus

  22. Sanjay Vasudeo Dhole says:

    Thanks for raising the issue. I have also lodged complaint through tweet on 06-07-2021.(@SanjayD21879831) I think we should focus not only on this current problem of I T portal , but many other problems re. other govt. sites / portals where problems persist for so many years. Therefore let us fight with the ADAMANT ASS rigorously till all major issues are resolved .
    – Sanjay Vasudeo Dhole , Kothrud, Pune,
    e mail : [email protected]


    The new portal is just not working, where is the excel utility we used offline to file the ITR?
    Json utility is just not understood.
    I wonder how even 40000 returns are being filed?? daily??
    Old portal was so much better. This is only more confusion

  24. Mohan Badigar says:

    Old system of ITR filling was easier & much convenient, better to restore the same, till the new system becomes user friendly

  25. Kishore Gersappa says:

    I tried to update my profile by adding my new passport number. The portal asks for 14 digit number. A passport number is never 14 digit.
    Then it says the PAN and Aadhar names differ. We are stuck at the start itself.

  26. Kishore Gersappa says:

    I tried to update my profile by adding my new passport number. The portal asks for 14 digit number. A passport number is never 14 digit.
    Then it says the PAN and Aadhar names differ. We are stck at the start itself.

  27. Abhijit says:

    I tried filing ITR2 online (as recommended). Capital Gains schedule (CG) does not get saved. After filling up the schedule CG and confirming the schedule, I reopened the schedule to check and found that the schedule is blank. Infosys appears to be at a loss to fix problems for all ITR forms at a time. I would suggest they should focus on one simple ITR form and make it absolutely error free. For all other ITR forms, the old portal should again made be operational.

  28. CA Upendra D K says:

    With great difficulty filed an ITR 1
    Imagine.. I can again initiate filing ITR 1 for the same Assessee & same Assessment year in this so called New Website
    Dread what else is in store !!!

  29. KANNAN J says:


  30. Radhakrishnan Narayanan says:

    I have downloaded the latest version of json offline utility from the new income tax e-filing website for form ITR-2. I am trying to fill in the various schedules but am unable to find the schedule for showing the income from sale of debt mutual fund units after 3 years; Long Term Capital Gain that attracts 20% interest after benefit of indexation. Can someone help me in finding/telling me the schedule in the json offline utility?


    Rs.4242 crores paid to infosys for this software! A sizeable part of it may have been used for buying electoral bonds… I doubt. ITR 2 is a pain. Unable to rectify errors shown in the screen next to validation. It says ” Click on the error hyperlinks “, but no hyperlinks are seen though error description is seen. Can you please do something?

  32. M.K.Raman says:

    Sir, The new it portal is just not working. Let’s restore the old one till the new one is fully oprational. IT returnes are facing a lot of issues in loging the new portal.

  33. Dr.MKRaman says:

    Sir, The new portal is just not working for filing it returns.The old one was friendly and i was easily updating and filing the returns. Lets restore the old one till the new one fully operational.

  34. Dr.MKRaman says:

    Sir, The new portal is just not working for filing it returns.The old one was friendly and i was easily updating and filing the returns.

  35. Dr.MKRaman says:

    Sir, The new portal is just not working for filing it returns.The old one was friendly and i was easily updating and filing the returns. The old one need to be put in place till new one is fully operational.

  36. Ranjana says:

    With all the problems with incometax site and getting quarterl 4 TDS statements after 15 July. The date for paying self assessment tax MUST BE EXTRNDED beyond 31 July 2021.

  37. NS Rajesh says:

    Today I tried to file my ITR 1, but the Q4 return filled by the company itself is not integrated here. Though the Q4 details are available in the TRACES portal, since it is not reflecting here, I could not file my return.
    And the auto fill is not working. Due to the GUI the system is very slow.

    The older version was a great experience but by implementing the new version the IT department made all the tax payers under inconvenience.

    That is not at all acceptable.

    1. J K George says:

      Exactly similar problems faced by me also. The tax paid in the last quarter is not being accounted for in the IT portal, though it is included in Traces

  38. Venkatraman says:

    1. Let the old portal be operational till Feb 2022 by which time the new portal, with glitches corrected, may be introduced.
    2. Unlike the new portal, old portal was user friendly.
    3. Timing of introducing the new portal is not correct.

  39. Naveen Jain says:

    I ITR 2 gross salary is not autopopulated, nor there is any facility to enter the same mannually in on line mode. How can one file ITR?

  40. S MALLESWARA RAO says:

    The prefilled joson file give details of Assessee only. It does not provide other details like details of TDS, TCS and advance tax paid. It is very mockery on the part of the service provider. He is making the portal nothing but SHIT. Even today I can not update my Digital Signature on the portal. What are the steps taken by the service provider are not known to the public. Hence, It is better to restore the old portal and get the new portal tested free of error and then only it should be kept in use. Otherwise, there will be a great loss to the Revenue.


    I am a Sr citizen of 71 yrs. I am not able to file my return .I have reported grievance regarding mismatch.Not yet resolved. The tax Genie feature is of no use at all. In the earlier portal ,I used to file my IT return very smoothly since so many years.

  42. NIRAV says:

    1. How this ministry can give order for new portal to the company which fail in GST Portal & MCA Portal requirements.
    2. Ministry should know difference between strict laws and rigid laws. ( U r handling Finance Ministry which requires so much flexibility. )

  43. Gopi Chand says:

    Form 26 AS not yet updated. Banks used to book interest earned from various FDs under different TAN numbers of home, regional and head branches; leaving scope for miss-match. Unable to download the recently filed ITR. The date on which downloading the ITR shows the date of submission, instead of the actual date of submission. Discrepancy????

  44. S.N. Dhar says:

    This is a very disturbing issue . Even after paying advance tax nine months back and self assessment tax the figures are not auto filled. E- verification and verification through Form ITR – V is impossible. The returns simply cannot be finally submitted . The assessees may have to pay more interest u/s 234B and 234C due to delays for which they are not responsible.


    The new portal is causing more problems and providing less solutions. The tax payers and professionals are put to inconvenience unnecessarily. It is causing harassment and depression. I have been in practice for almost 50 years nut never faced such difficult times. It was COVID earlier and now the NEW PORTAL.
    May GOD imbibe some good sense in the minds of the decision makers. AMEN

  46. M L KAUL says:

    You have rightly taken up the issue. The government is making it a prestige issue not to revert back to earlier version. Only returns in Form 1 are getting filed and that too with great inconvenience. Form 2 &4 are in operative. The IT department is also not enabling cleartax which is highly user friendly site to operate its site,which is highly condemndable. Hope Finance Minister will take cognizance

  47. Prakash Vegad says:

    As after DSC register still shown DSC no register. Even From 35 for appeal is not able to file after many time try to file at new income tax portal

  48. CA D K UPENDRA says:

    Another Bloomer !!!
    I have filed ITR 1 for Asst Year 2021-22 after great effort. I can again login and initiate filing for same Asst Year.
    God knows what else is in store !!!


    ell said. Hope the perpetually adamant Government which seems hell bent on helping an already proven GST FAILURE Service provider with more money to create more chaos. Probably they are planning to raise revenue by penalty and fines from assessees for no fault of theirs

  50. Navanit Patel says:

    Every time & each day new issue occur even though data feeded are in a correct manner & as per system. One has to spent lot of time & efforts to prepare & file ITR in this new site. Govt has wasted money on this. Third party sofware developers are still unable to update software.

  51. ASHOK PATEL says:

    Please allow us to file I.T. Returns in Old System. I am 73 years old and I used to file I.T. Returns by self everyear. But In new system not able to proceed.
    One more issue even 26AS regarding T.D.S deducted in not updated. What is deducted and what 26AS shows in less by almost 50%. Both isues are where I am effected.

    1. lochan says:

      Sir, Wait till 31st July. As the date of filing TDS is extended. It might also be possible that your TDS is updated before 31st july if your deductor files the return timely.

      1. rugram says:

        In know of two persons whose Forms 26AS have been fully updated for all TDS items till 31.3.2021. However, many of these items on Form 26AS are missing on the pre-filled Return form ITR 2. Not only that, even the items pre-filled on the Return form do not show names of deductors and their TAN nos.

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