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Free Live Webinar: Winning Strategies: Analysis of 10 Recent High Court Income Tax Judgments in Favor of Assessees

Join us for an enlightening free live webinar, “Winning Strategies: Analysis of 10 Recent High Court Income Tax Judgments in Favor of Assessees,” on 7th July at 5 PM. Hosted by Dipak Dama, a seasoned Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in tax litigation, this webinar will delve into the intricacies of recent high court victories for assessees. Through detailed case studies, expert legal analysis, and practical takeaways, attendees will gain valuable insights into how these landmark judgments can impact legal practice and tax compliance. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of income tax law and its evolving landscape.

Date and Time: 7th July, 5 PM

Speaker: Dipak Dama, Chartered Accountant

Registration Link: https://shop.taxguru.in/taxguru-free-webinar-registration/

Topics to be Covered:

Introduction to the Case:

  • Brief introduction and background of each case.
  • Outline of the main issues or disputes in the cases.

Legal Context:

  • Discussion of relevant laws and legal principles, including specific sections involved.
  • Explanation of other referred case law that relate to these cases.

Arguments Presented:

  • Summary of arguments made by both sides.
  • Highlights of notable points or unique arguments.

Court’s Analysis:

  • Breakdown of the court’s reasoning and analysis.
  • Explanation of how the court interpreted sections and relevant case laws.
  • Discussion of important legal principles or doctrines.

Judicial Summary for Reference:

  • Explanation of key points of the judgments.

Practical Implications of the Judgments:

  • Discussion of potential impacts of the judgments that can be used as reference.
  • Explanation of how these judgments might affect legal practice.
  • Highlight significant changes or developments in the law as a result.

Expert Opinions:

  • Sharing of insights or opinions.
  • Discussion of debates or controversies surrounding the judgments.

Practical Takeaways from the Cases:

  • Providing practical advice for legal practitioners, businesses, or individuals affected by the judgments.
  • Steps that might need to be taken in response to the judgments.

Q & A Session:

  • An interactive session where attendees can ask questions and get answers from the expert.

About the Speaker:

Dipak Dama (Chartered Accountant)

Dipak Dama is a proficient Chartered Accountant with over ten years of dedicated experience in litigation. Currently a partner at Chetan Agarwal & Co., a reputable legal practice founded in 2000, his expertise primarily lies in income tax litigation, specializing in scrutiny assessments, and appeals at various levels including CIT(A), ITAT, and High Courts, as well as international taxation. Known for a proactive, client-focused, and practical approach, he excels in delivering strategic legal solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.



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Partner at Chetan Agarwal & co. which is is a well-established legal practice founded in 2000. With a strong focus on client satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships, we provide a wide range of legal services including direct tax, indirect tax, company law. Our team of experienced p View Full Profile

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