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Dear All
True but of no use.
What we got is a big BABA JI KA TULLU (in the words of Kapil Sharma, standup comedian)
CBDT circulars/notifications are often over riding the basic of law.  Law makers have thoughtfully provided sufficient time to furnish return, obtain and furnish TAR and keeping in mind the required time they have allowed a tax payer to furnish it on or before 30th September…………
Well over 180 days from the close of the accounts.  Law has provided the format of Income-tax Return and format of TAR well before the close of the year.

NOW the CBDT has assumed that a period of little over 30 days is enough to submit the returns.  Jawa Utility for ITR 6 being just released a few days back and new format for TAR being notified only on 25th July.
Well done CBDT……………………….?
Let any member of the Board accept the challenge and try prepare and furnish ONE return (leaving aside completing audit) with TAR in less than an Hour.  They would come to know the ground realities.
Have any body thought why it has happened.
In fact it has been a systematic approach since the last couple of years.
(Courtesy PC the then FM, in one of his budget speech he referred he does not want human interference in tax matter and therefore propose to set up CPC at Bangaluru)
First e-filling was notified, then made mandatory for number of class of assessees.
Personal inter-action was removed with the Bar and Bench. Look at CPC and no body is willing to answer your querry. Territorial ITO refusing to entertain in case of e-filed return and CPC BLR suo moto adjusting your so called uploaded demands (most of which are either non-existent or wrong) and holding your refunds.  You being left out in distress, not knowing whom to contact.
CPC TDS even being more aggressive and denying you to correct your wrong data, insisting of pre-payment of defaulted amount and not providing for REFUND of excess tax deposited, even in genuine cases. NO one to listen………………..
AND our Hon’ble FM says, he is not favor of TAX TERRORISM.  Finance Act 2014 has redefined the tax terrorism by including more aggressive and harsh provisions.
While we enjoyed the comforts of our air conditioned offices by not moving out and furnishing returns online, we have become the slave of system.  CBDT being the master of system.
Devoid of personal interactions, the relevancy of Bar Associations and such other plate forms has lost and every one has been left out to beat his drum, not producing any melodious tune to the ears of Masters.
To me, Only solution is to prepare an ONLINE association of Tax Professionals across the country and sing a melody song in fine tune so as the Masters are pleased and listen to us………….remove our worries.
Any body willing to shoulder the responsibility is welcome.  I offer my unconditional support for the cause.
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  1. Pankaj Trivedi says:

    Very thoughtfully you have written this post, which sums up the agony of all the tax payers in India.
    Congratulations Sir.
    From A Slave of System.

  2. alpa says:

    we would definitely want to know what exactly was presented by our representatives, what were the responses received, anf finally how the outcome came about!

  3. ponder over it says:

    In the same way chamber of commerce,trade association are more or less defunt after economy opened in 1991.This can be realised in last 10 years if one is a member.

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