(Formerly known as The Western Maharashtra Tax Practitioners’ Association)

SS/ MTPA / IT representation 2223 / 0722

12th July 2022

The Chairman,
Central Board of Direct Taxes,
North Block Secretariat,
New Delhi -110 001

Sub: 1) Extension of due date for filing of returns for non audit assesses

2) Income tax portal issues in filing ITR’s.

Respected Sir.

1) It gives us immense pleasure to congratulate you for your recent elevation as the Chairman of The Central Board of Direct Taxes especially when you were the Principal Commissioner of Income Tax – 3, Pune.

2) Our Association represents Tax Consultants, Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries & Cost Accountants practicing in direct & indirect taxes from whole Maharashtra state. Presently, we have around 1700 plus active members from the state. Our Association always represents the concerns and problems faced by these members before the respective tax authorities. This initiative of our Association has proved beneficial for the tax administering authorities, our members and ultimately the tax payers at large. Our Association was known as Maharashtra Tax Practitioners’ Association; in a recent Special General Meeting of our members held on 6’h June 2021, we have decided to expand our wings & made our area of operation as whole Maharashtra.

3) The following are the issues faced by taxpayers in the new income tax portal while uploading the Income-tax returns:

i) Digital Signature Can’t be registered: Valid digital signature of tax payers could not be registered from 10th July till today. The portal shows that “something went wrong” & does not proceed further. Screenshot or the issue is attached herewith for your ready reference. The process of registration of digital signature was done repeatedly no of times.

Valid digital signature

ii) Issues in filing of Income Tax returns: While trying to file Income – tax returns absurd errors appears & returns could not be uploaded. This is seen from 7th July till date. Copies of screenshots are attached herewith. Even, the Software Companies have sent the message in response to queries that they have communicated to the department & they are working on it.

Software Companies

iii) Irregular traffic on the website: On the first anniversary of launching of the website on 2nd July 2022 the Income tax department has agreed that there is some irregular traffic on the website & they are searching for the issues to overcome. Screenshot of the departmental tweet is attached herewith for your verification.

Irregular traffic on the website

iv) Issues in downloading 26-AS, AIS & TIS: There are number of issues which arise in downloading 26- AS, AIS & ITS of taxpayers, which results in non-filing, late filing of ITR’s

v) Reconciliation of Information available with the department: The department is having information about the taxpayer made available by way of 26-AS, AIS & TIS. In many cases, the information is incorrect, in many cases the data taken more than once & / or the data is not matching with the factual records of the assessee.

vi) Website login takes lot of time: After login to the website filing of return takes much time. Many times it comes out of the assessee login & have to carry out the whole exercise repeatedly. Screenshot enclosed.

vii) IT software’s are not supported & facing problems while connecting to website

viii) System is overall slow consuming number of man hours

ix) ITR – 5 is not yet updated

yet updated

x) Common offline utilities are released on 01.07.2022: The common offline utilities for filing ITR were required to be released on 151 April 2022 but actually released on 1st July 2022.

4) TDS, TCS returns due date overlapping: Presently, the tax professionals are busy in finalizing statements, filing ITR’s for A Y 2022-23 at the same time.

TDS returns for Q-I of f y 2022-23 corresponding to A Y 2023-24 are also required to be filed on or before 31.07.2022.

5) TDS / TCS reflected in 26-AS AIS after 15th June 2022: The due date for filing of TDS, TCS returns for Q-4 off y 2021-22 was 31m May 2022. On filing of TDS, TCS returns credit thereof gets reflected practically on 15.06.2022. There may be mistakes in TDS credit for rectification of which minimum 15 — 20 days time is required to comply with the procedure.

6) Amnesty in Maharashtra State for State administered tax laws: Tax professionals & taxpayers are busy in complying with their old M-Vat & other administered issues pending with the State of Maharashtra as amnesty scheme for all Maharashtra state administered tax laws in launched w e f 151 April 2022 till 30th September 2022.

7) Heavy rains: Heavy rainfall in all parts of Maharashtra state which has disturbed the day to day life of all citizens of the State.

8) Increase in Covid-19 patients: Covid-19 patients are increasing everyday in all parts of Maharashtra State. The fear of Covid — 19 has still not gone from the minds of people. The epidemic has still not gone in full & his still having impact on the day to day routine life of the people all over the country.

In the light of all the facts put forth before your Honour Sir, you are requested to extend the time limit for filing Income tax returns u/s 139 (1) of The Income — Tax Act, 1961 for non audit cases, salaried employees etc. by 1 month till 31m August 2022.

Your early action in the matter will be in the interest of both of us taxpayers & the Income —tax department.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
For Maharashtra Tax Practitioners’ Association

(Shripad S Bedarkar)
Santosh S Sharma
Past President & Chairman
Income tax representation committee
Prasad Deshpande

Downloads Representation requesting extension of due date of filing Income tax Return for Non Audit Taxpayers

Representation on Income Tax Return due Date Extension

S. No. Representation by Link
1 Income Tax Practitioners Association Extension of Due date for filing of Income Tax Returns to 31 August 2022
2 Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Extend due dates of Income tax returns from 31.07.2022 to 31.08.2022
3 Direct Taxes Professionals’ Association Request for extension of due date for filing ITR for AY 2022-23
4 The Punjab Accountants Association Request to Extend Income Tax Return due date for Non-Audit & Salaried
5 Maharashtra Tax Practitioners’ Association Extend due date of filing Income tax Return for Non Audit Taxpayers
6 All Orissa Tax Bar Association Extend date for filing Income Tax Returns (non-audited) till 31st October 2022
7. All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (AIFTP) AIFTP represents Finance Ministry & CBDT for extension of ITR due date
8. HOWRAH TAX BAR ASSOCIATION’ Request to extend due date for filing of ITR for Non-Audit Assessee
9. Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants (AGFTC) and Income Tax Bar Association Representation to Extend ITR Due Date of Non Audit Case for AY 2022-23
10. BJP Professional cell, Mumbai Request to Extend Due date of Income Tax Returns and Tax Audit
11. Central Gujarat Chamber of Tax Consultants (CGCTC) Request to extend Due Date for Filing Income Tax Returns (For Non-Audit Cases)
12. ICAI ICAI not in favor of making Representation for ITR Due Date Extension
13. Sikar Tax Bar Association, Sikar Representation to extend due date of filing ITR to 31st August, 2022
14. Haryana State Tax Bar Association (HSTBA) Requests for extension of Income Tax Return (ITR) due date
15. GST Practitioners’ Association, Punjab Request to Extend Due date for filing of ITR to 31st August 2022
16. Taxation Bar Association Request to extend due date for filing Non Audit ITR to 31.08.2022

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  1. P.K.Kundu,Advocate says:

    There are till now more glitches in I.T. portal. In this
    context date should be extended till 31st August,2022 by CBDT.

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