Calculate Long term capital gain on sale of capital Assets other then shares with the help of Indexation.

We have given below the Cost Inflation (CII) Index calculator which automatically calculates Indexed cost of your asset. In the calculator You just have to fill the Year of Sale, Year of Purchase , Cost of Purchase/Acquisition/Improvement and Index if sale is made in financial year 2011-12 or later.  Cost Inflation  Index for financial Year 2011-12 is 785  and for financial year 2012-13 the Index will be announced somewhere in August 2012.

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  1. shilpa joshi says:

    we purchased a house in 2011 for 61 lakhs.we took a home loan of 47 lakhs for that. my husband was in the highest slab, 30% slab of income tax , i am a house wife. recently my husband left the job and we have to sell this house as its EMI is too high for us now ( 50000). what will be the short term capital gain tax on selling of this house, as my husband is not working currently, he is planning to set up his own business and we need funds for that, please help.

  2. Manocha says:

    Send me calculator for long term capital gain calculator.

  3. sharma r s says:

    please send me the index costing for capital gain profit.

  4. sharma r s says:


  5. sharma r s says:

    i would like have one calculator

  6. Ashwini says:

    please send me the index costing for capital gain profit.


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