Income Tax Department has releases utility for A.Y. 2014-15 for Filing of Tax Audit Report , Transfer pricing Audit Report, MAT Audit , Trust Audit, Special Audit etc. Details of such Audit reports is as follows :-

Form 3CA-3CD – Audit report under section 44AB of the Income-tax Act, 1961 in a case where the accounts of the business or profession of a person have been audited under any other law                               

Form 3CB-3CD    – Audit report under section 44AB of the Income-tax Act, 1961, in the case of a person referred to in clause (b) of sub-rule (1) of rule 6G

Form 3CEB – Report from an accountant to be furnished under section 92E relating to international transaction(s)

Form 29B- Report under Section 115JB of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for computing the book profits of the company

Form 6B- Audit report under section 142(2A) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (Special Audit)

Form 10B – Audit report under section 12A(b) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, in the case of charitable or religious trusts or institutions

Form 10BB – Audit report under section 10(23C) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, in the case of any fund or trust or institution or any university or other educational institution or any hospital or other medical institution referred to in sub-clause (iv) or sub-clause (v) or sub-clause (vi) or sub-clause (via) of section 10(23C).


1. Visit home page of

2. Click on home page in Download section Link namely  ‘Forms (Other than ITR)’

3. Click on the link to Common e-filing Utility


  • Attachments cannot exceed 50MB.
  • Attachments must be in pdf or zip format.
  • Attachments should be scanned with minimum 300dpi.
  • Wherever there is a requirement in the Form to submit a signed copy of documents by an Assesse/CA as an attachment, upload the scanned copy of the same documents.

Checklist of documents and pre-requisites

  • A copy of last year’s tax return
  • Bank Statement
  • TDS certificates
  • Savings certificates/Deductions
  • Interest statement showing interest paid to you throughout the year.
  • Balance Sheet, P&L Account Statement and other Audit Reports wherever applicable.

How to use this Form?

These Forms are developed using the latest in JAVA technology and effort has been made to make it user friendly, simpler and faster preparation of tax returns. This utility can be run on operating systems like Windows 7.0 or above and latest Linux, where Java Runtime Environment Version 7 Update 13 (jre 1.7 is also known as jre version 7) or above is installed.


  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of the utility before you start filling the information into the utility.
  2. Please make sure you’re connected to the internet for submission of the Form.

The following are features available in the Form.

  1. New – On click of this button, a new copy of the form will be available. If you have already opened the form, you will be prompted to save the earlier copy.
  2. Open -This option is for importing the XML (successfully generated earlier).Select the path and import the XML. You should check/validate the contents before finalizing upload/submission.
  3. Save – You can save your completed XML in the desired path/location of your desktop.
  4. Save Draft – This option can be used to save your XML. Please note you cannot upload an XML which was saved using the ‘Save draft’ option. Only a complete XML generated using the ‘Save’ option can be uploaded successfully.
  5. Submit -This option is used to upload/submit a single Form. You’ll have to provide your e-Filing credentials (User ID, Password and DOB/DOI). Please make sure you’re connected to the internet to avail this feature. (If the return is submitted without a DSC) as well.
  6. Help – This option will let you know the shortkeys, instructions, settings and how to use this form.
  7. Previous/Next- These will help you to navigate to the various tabs of the form.

Shortcut keys

1 Alt + N Opens a new Form
2 Alt + S Saves the Form in the user desired path
3 Alt + F4 Closes the utility
4 Alt + I Imports the XML file
5 Alt + C Clears the validation errors
6 Alt + D Hides/Shows the validation window
7 Alt + T Opens the SUBMIT screen to submit the Form
8 Alt + F1 Opens the help page
9 Alt + A Save Draft


Following are the recommended settings to use the Form Utility:


Java Runtime Environment Version 7 Update 6 (jre 1.7 is also known as jre version 7) or above Any Zip Software to unzip the utility

Internet Connection:

Minimum bandwidth of 256 kbps and above

How to install/configure and run java

Java 1.7- Installation

On Windows

Step 1.Download JRE 1.7

Download appropriate version of JRE for your windows. Choose appropriate version based on your operating system.

Step 2. Setting Environment Variables

You should set the below environment variable for Java 1.7 installation and configuration on windows.

  •  Path

Set Path variable to let windows operating system know about your Java 1.7 Installation. Append your Path to existing Path variable using %Path%; otherwise your other installations will be effected.

Path: JAVA_HOMEbin;%Path%;

Step 3.Verifying Java Installation:

Open command prompt and type java -version to verify the environment.

Note: You should have Admin access to do the following activities

On Linux,

[1]   Please make sure that you have the required version of JRE on your flavour of Linux

[2]   Download the appropriate ITR jar file on to a specific folder

[3]   From a command line, start by typing – java -jar <jarfile name>

[4]   If you plan to double click the jar file to run, make sure you have execute permission for the downloaded jar file. Then right click and open with Java run time.

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  1. Hemil Prajapati says:

    No Submit button shown in form 3cb-3cd tax audit report java utility.. any idea ?

  2. PV.RAO says:

    How to Revised Form 10BB ?

  3. Sanjay Kshirsagar says:

    This is Just To Activate Check Boxes

  4. Sanjay Kshirsagar says:

    CBDT has not Released Tax Audit Forms Yet (27 July 2014). The Information is Wrong.

  5. deepak jain says:

    there is a problem in filling 3cd from this utility because it runs on java 7 enviornment and when u affix digital signed it not accept on java 7 enviornment showing security is blocked. but if removed the java 7 platform then digital sighned worked.
    there is a problem because utility run on java 7 and digital signed not worked. pls provide the solution.

  6. Sadashiv says:

    How form is to filed for land acuqired by Collector,for Income tax refund.

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