This calculator calculates TDS amount deductible under section 194C, 194D, 194A, 194H, 194I and 194J. The calculator calculates TDS automatically on the basis of status of the Assessee and if PAN No. is not provided it will show the rate f TDS as 20%.  The calculator also calculates interest on TDS amount deducted but not paid. The calculator is useful to compute TDS liability in respect of expenses or payment related to period on or after 01.04.2011.

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4 responses to “Auto TDS and TDS interest calculator”

  1. kamala s s says:


    we have not paid one year you help me hw to calculate interest on tds late payment

  2. Harsha says:

    is it applicable tds for rent monthly iam paying Rs 15125/-(yearly 181500)Pls reply.

  3. Jabeen says:

    i have deducted the tds on 26.04.2016, tds amount Rs.4500/- can you please help me how will i calculate the late payment interest only for 4 days, because i am going to remit it today

  4. ashim ray says:

    how to calculate 192 for the late upload of tds

  5. VIKAS SONI says:


  6. naresh says:

    if TDS on 194C against 12000/- payable for the month of June 2015.
    then amount paid on 10-07-2015 insted of 07-07-2015( due date).but i have not paid interest part i paid only basic amount in 3 days delay.

    in that case how much interest applicable for me ( is only 1 month or till date) please clarify it

  7. JINAL says:

    TOTAL AMT.86735 TDS @2% under sec. 94C ( Exhibition stall rent exp.) DATE OF BILL 5.8.2015……….WHAT WILL BE THE INTEREST AMT. FOR THIS IF PAYMENT IS MADE ON 07.01.2016

  8. POONKUZHALI says:

    If i deducted the tds of 1400/- in 31.07.2015 but i making the tds payment on 30.11.2015 how to calculate the interest please tell me

  9. AMIT GOYAL says:

    Dear Sir

    Kindly help me for Tds Mater like if I deduct Tds Amount for Rs. 10000 on dated 01/09/2014 then how much interest amount will be till date 13/01/2015

    Thanks With Regards

  10. Punit Joshi says:

    thank you
    Very Helpful sheet

    please update with new changes

    Thank you once again

  11. MANOJ says:


  12. prawayesh bisht says:

    Dear Sir,

    How can i calculate interest on TDS late payment.

  13. VINAYAGAM says:


    Your Sheet2 is protected but i want to work for FY 2012-2013,Please help to solve it

    98947 92715

  14. Hrishikesh says:

    Dear sir,
    From when,due date of tds deposit for the provisions made on 31st march became 7th april? Its 30th of april.Please correct the sheet.It is misleading the people.

  15. susant says:

    it is very nice workout,
    but  how change cell wide & height

  16. deepak says:

    IT dept has issued notivce under sec.200A to pay interest calculated @ 1.5% while we havwe recovered and deposited int. @ 1 %

  17. vaishali swami says:

    Super Application Thanx A Lot

  18. Rishikesh says:

    Very nice application.

  19. Sheetal Jadhav says:

    It is very nice work out ….
    useful for us

  20. Jayanti Bhanushali says:

    There is problem when entering date of credit or date of dedcution error in due date
    how to correction?

  21. Jayesh says:

    It is very nice worked out…

    But there is a problem anybody wants to add in rows then how to do???

  22. Pradeep says:

    USeful excel sheet

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