We have created a Poll on our twitter page on 24th October 2017 asking Taxpayer and Tax Professionals across India that do they think that Time Limit for filing IT Return (44AB Audit Cases) must be further extended to 30th November 2017.

In response to our poll we have received  3285 Votes and 90% of those who voted has voted in favour of extension and merely 10% thinks that there should not be any extension. Further our poll is been retweeted by 372 people, liked by 321 people and we received 376 comments on our poll. (Poll is closed now)

(Above Para Been updated on 31.10.2017 at 10.30 AM)

You can check our poll below-

Readers are requested to Vote on Our poll, Retweet the same, Like the same and leave their comment on the same.

Some of the interesting tweets in reaction to the above poll are as follows:-

87% of countryman wants extension but government instead of hearing the plea of Taxpayer and Tax Professionals across India is busy issuing advisory on consequences of Non Filing of ITR and Tax Audit report. Check Tweet below-

Interesting fact here is that when department was tweeting about consequences of Late Return filing at that time Income Tax e-filing website was down from almost 4-5 Hours as can be seen from some the Tweets in reaction to tweet above-

We hope better sense will prevail and CBDT/ Finance Department?Finance Mister will extend the due date without wasting any further time.  Hope they will listen the 90% of taxpayers / Country Man / Tax Professionals.

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  1. S PRAKASH says:

    Details for registration number : PMOPG/E/2018/0439684
    Name Of Complainant S PRAKASH Date of Receipt 15/09/2018 Received By Ministry/Department Prime Ministers Office Grievance Description Respected PM, The last date for filing the income tax returns for 44AB audit cases is 30th Sept 2018, and number of representations have already been made by number of Associations and Institutions. I further wants to bring it your kind notice that the difficulty in finalization of the accounts for preparation of the Audit report and financial statements for the year ending 31st March 2018 is really a challenging task to all the professionals as the number of clarifications and notifications under GST which will have a bearing effect on the financials and Accounting Standards and business practice, to be deviated or to be changed in number of circumstances such as valuation of the Closing Stock for GST and Income Tax, and number of notifications and circulars issued by GSTN will not fit in properly in to Income Tax Act and Rules, under the circumstances the finalization of the accounts for income tax and filing the same before 30th Sept 2018 is impossible.The imagination of the filing of returns by 30th Sept 2018 itself is making the professionals sleeplessness and increasing the heartbeat of the middle and old aged professionals. Unless the GST Audit report is finalsied it is not possible to finalise the accounts for the Income Tax and the Audit reprot format has just been released with as many details and figures as possible to ask and the bureaucrats in the departmet has developed enimity with the tax professionals and they are trying to encash the situation and wants to kill as many tax professionlas as they can so that they can practice after their retirement.We the honest tax professionals can not prepare two sets of audit reprot one for GST and one for Income tax, whatever the difficiancies noticed while retifying the GST returns has to be reflected in the books of accounts and the Income Tax.Under these circumstances can you expect the tax professionals to work for 24 hours a day? or 18 hours with at least 6 hours for rest and natural calls etc., Even if the honest tax professional does the wrok for 18 hours the income tax return filing can not happen with in 30th as the report under GST filing date is different. It is a clear indication that the GSTN and CBDT has no mutual understanding in the INTEREST OF THE NATION to keep the same compliance dates under both Indirect and Direct Tax Laws, otherwise there will be litigations and the valuable time of the courts are wasted in hearing these unwanted matters, is this the intention of your bureaucrats? If not kindly push all the due dates to 31st December 2018 and allow the business community and the tax professionals to digest the New Act and Rules along with the volumes of notifications, circulars and clarificaitons and let them file the returns with out any further complications and not gving room for further litigations.Kindly ask your bureaucrats to fill up the forms under GST, which is just realsed. Let them set right the technical problems in the WEB, then ask the stake holders to follow the Act and Rules.We need changes in the system, we welcome the changes, but not like the one you have brought in. Ours is a country which gives software solutions to the world, but why we have failed in developing a software solution to our own country? Whether any one has the right answer for this? Is the bureaucrats have a sence of natiionality? if they have kindly bring the RIGHT CHANGES WITH OUT TAKING WAY THE SLEEP, BREAD AND TEA OF THE POOR HONEST TAX PAYERS AND THE TAX PROFESSIONALS. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, S Prakash Current Status Grievance Received Date of Action 15/09/2018 Officer Concerns To Forwarded to Prime Ministers Office Officer Name Shri Ambuj Sharma Officer Designation Under Secretary (Public) Contact Address Public Wing 5th Floor, Rail Bhawan New Delhi Email Address [email protected] Contact Number 011-23386447


  2. AUDITOR SEKAR says:

    As i told in the another message, the GOVERNMENT will keep mum up to 10 P.M. After that ???
    The Government will not feel the hardship of AUDITORS, and Business man, O.K. MODI JI,

  3. Aftab Alam Khan says:

    Sir, Please do something in connection with further due date extension, either client to small accountant, accountant to CA, CA to Advocate, all relation will change in to bad relation with each together, Cause is only extension of due date. please solve. only 10 hours remain.

  4. Anil Rao says:

    The return of income falls due on April 1st of each assessment year. The date u/s 139(1) is not a due date but the last date to file without facing certian consequences. The “due date problem” is not because of GST but because of the design of the IT Act. The time limits u/s 139(1) has over a period of time been changed from 4 slabs to just two. For example Companies had upto Dec 31st for filing their tax returns.. Information each year called is increasing. If the Act was amended to remove Section 139(1) and have April 1st as the due date for filing the return. All compliance to be completed by the date mentioned u/s Section 139(4) then there would be no more requests from assessees for extension of due dates.
    Early filing is encouraged by not paying interest on refunds for the period after say June 30th upto the date of filing the return. Similarly increased interest to be levied if the return is filed after September 30th in the case of all assesssees.
    In such cases the Government will realise the taxes early from the majority of the tax payers or interest if there is delayed furnishing of the returns.
    Us tax practitioners can deal with our clients on first come serve basis.

  5. Pravir says:

    So many deadlines of GST has already added into stress level.
    Business scenario is already not good, and needs some more time and humane handling to be able to comply the IT deadlines.

  6. Mohammad Aslam Sitapur says:

    MCA extends last date of filing AOC-4 and AOC- 4 (XBRL non-IndAS) upto November 28, 2017
    October 28, 2017
    Keeping in view the request received from various stakeholders for allowing extension of time for filing of financial statements for Financial Year ended 31.03.2017 on account of various factors, MCA has decided to extend the time for filing of e-forms AOC-4 and AOC-4 (XBRL non-IndAS) and the corresponding AOC-4 CFC e-forms upto 28.11.2017 without levying additional fee.What Is This

  7. Mukesh Parmar says:

    It is a chain that is affected. The business is groping with compliance under various laws prominently Income tax, GST, Company Law, and local laws. The accountants of business houses are also caught up in web to comply with these laws apart from the notices under earlier (pre GST) laws and monthly compliance. The Tax Consultants, Chartered accountant, company secretaries and other service providers are also caught in this web. Lot of stress is felt due to various dead lines.

    Though we would like to walk the dead lines with the Government, it is difficult at human level to comply all round. And the entire chain in the country suffers. Due to stress level the health is being affected not to mention of the family life.

    Under the circumstances the Government Machinery is requested to consider the extension of date on humanitarian ground under Income Tax as well as GST.

    Income Tax due date for 44AB Audit and I TReturn filing be extended to 31-12-2017.

    Gst GSTR3B can be filed on 20th of subsequent months upto December 2017.

    GST :GSTR 1, GSTR2, GSTR3 filing for the month of July 2017 dates to be extended as 10 Nov, 20 Nov, 30 Nov. The Dates for the month of August to December should be pushed beyond 31-12-2017. By this time Government can fully test its software and fix all the glitches. This will help to file the returnswith ease from 01-01-2018 under GST.

    As recently reported the Income Tax website too is posing some glitches. Try to set right this too, so as to enable to file the audit reports and income tax reports by the extended date of 31-12-2017.

    Hope, the request of the citizens be considered favorably, as mutual trust is of most importance between the Governance and Citizens.

    Thanking you All in advance ~ take care of yourselves.

    Warm regards.


    If the FM and the followers are NOT inclined to extend the last date of 31 July to SOLDIERS FIGHTING TERRORISTS AND IN SIACHEN, and patients in coma you are hoping against hope.
    Probably he may listen to Ambanis.

  9. pcsain says:


  10. al.subramanian says:

    Now a days every year we are facing the problem of extension for tax audit. The Govt should understand that professional audit is a support function to the IT department to complete the assessment in time with well informed status. So once the assessee identifies a tax auditor and he has accepted that assignment there ends the matter and let the auditor file the tax audit report in say 3 months. And for not filing and late filing there are enough provisions to charges the assessee The govt should note that in case of non filing or late filing only the assessee is going to pay penalty not auditors yet auditors are fighting more for extension because the assessee are not fully aware of the consequences of not filing in time.
    Further it may be noted that IT is to tax the income of a person so any charge by IT should be based on income only and not on turnover The anomaly in this charge can be noticed by an example

    say there are two persons
    A- businessman – gross 3 crores profit 3 lakhs
    B- professional – gross 30 lakhs profit 3 lakhs
    assume both late filed tax audit
    penalty for A – Rs.150000
    penalty for B – Rs.15000
    see for same failure of tax audit persons are charged differently. Had the charge been based on profit there would not be any such anomaly and absurdity.
    Equality among equals is not maintained in this penalty clause

  11. Chandrakant says:

    Yes Department and Govt is expecting too much and do not accountable for their own mess.
    Further there is not availability of qualified manpower available in market to do compliance even though you pay them handsome package.
    Tax payers cost of compliance has increased many fold and it is un-affordable for them

  12. azhar says:

    dear mr sandeep konai sir i remembered in 2015 how much positiveness shown from your side and we got extension, now please do something from your side sir can we get extension or not this is the main worry due to this gst all plan of tax audit spoiled so many request from whole country but so for no reply sir why sir

  13. S.L.Goyal says:

    It’s too late now to extend the date. It will be injustice to those who worked day and night and completed all the work in time. Those who sat lazy and made excuses for not completing their work, will rejoice. The 87% are these.

  14. GULAB ROHIT says:

    Tax Audit Date must be extension because just deepawali festival was gone labh pancham was stated since 26th Oct.also GST Compliances and Last days Schema was changed. So Govt.must me be extent due date of tax audit till 30-11-2017. If govt.will not extent due date of audit means govt,is not with middle level business/professionals .Also floods in some states.

  15. Sarat Chandra says:

    Yes. The due date should be extended as lots of compliance needed while filling it’s and tax audit returns. More on, confusion with GST has gat added. This year is total chips n regard to all statutory.

  16. Subhash Dua says:

    No Respect for Human Values, No Extension despite So many requests. Deaf and Dumb Government for the people, by the people, of the people.

  17. Krishna Narayan Patil says:

    It is very difficult to complete the Tax audit and return filing of and filing the GST returns in time. It would be great help if date is extended till 30th November 2017 or may beyond that.


    Already Govt. has received taxes under Advance Tax. The due date of 30th Sept be kept flexible up to 31st March with a rider that a nominal penal tax @ 1000/- per month be payable by the assessee who files it beyond the due date of 30th Sept.
    This will put to an end the problems arise as on today due to introduction of GST etc.

  19. Vijay Kumar says:

    Very good time should be provided for filing Income Tax Return.
    2. There should be no late filing fees for filing Income Tax Returns, at least, as it was before the recent change of law, and imposition of penalty/late filing fees as applicable w.e.f. AY 2019-20
    3. These are the conditions ionly and only when the site is always working, and is never out. Who knows, how many people were filing their Income Tax Return, at that time when the site was not working.
    4. If the site does not work for even 5 minutes, the date of filing return should automatically get extended by 5 days, similarly if the site is not working for one hour, the date of filing return should automatically get extended by 15 days, for one day of site not working, the date of filing return should automatically get extended by one month.
    5. The Government should consider this. The government should not expect the person filing the return to be glued down to this work only round the cloak.

  20. suresh hr says:

    gravity of gst pressure is so much and still not resolved in many of the issues and many glitches in the filing of gst returns added to that the due date is clashing with tds returns, gst returns and with whole of the profession embargo under prepared who is it possible to accommodate such huge volume of work, extension of due date is highly sought even for those who could not file before july for those cases other than tax audit still they also need professional help to file the complex income tax returns thanks

  21. VIJAYAKUMAR KS says:

    Extension need for filing of Tax return u/s
    44AB. since too much of attention given for newly introduced GST retrun which consumed lot
    of time and attention for avoiding late Fees Interest etc.

  22. H S SRINIVAS says:

    shreeyuta hanakasu sachivarge
    gst hosadu adannu tiliyalikke sakastu samaya hogide.addandarind dayavittu 44AB AUDIT NA Samayavannu mundudabekendu tammalii kalakali vintisuttene.

  23. Sinder says:

    Now approaching court is the last remedy left. Since government is showing apathy prayer should be made for 2 months extention. Now a days coulrt making executive orders has become normal.

  24. A N V RAMANI & CO says:

    Extension is mandatory especially when frequent changes are brought by govt and the website is also breaking down every now nd then

  25. SUNIL PATEL says:

    87% of Tax Payer and Professionals are favor of Extension of Date but this Government ears are unable to hear of Majority because they have a huge experience of sit as Opposition in politics at that time as usual all demand of opposition not except by Government same way this Government look us as Opposition very shame full for democracy

  26. azhar says:

    sir so much request from whole country so for no response means what we have to think sir that we professionals got value or not please listen and humble request for time extension

  27. Sinder says:

    Finaance Ministry under Mr Arun Jaitley gave MNCs 4 months extra extension up to 31.3. 2018 under the garb of country to country reporting.b This rrason is unacceptable. This is why Rahul Gandhi said suit boot ke Sarkar. In the past also the situation was the same except that this year Government wanted a break of country wise transactions. This exercise. Would have required additional 4 days and 4 months. Own domestic assesses are left in the lurch. Shameful.

  28. ANIL KUMAR says:

    Can the TG Team clarify as to whether they have communicated the voice being raised here at the TG Platform to the concerned officer of the Ministry/ FM/ PMO ?

  29. g c pramanik says:

    The central Govt have given a great task to comply/submit the GST returns in various date in various mode to the tax payer as well as tax professional,as a result we being a tax professional are finding ourselves to unable to accomplish the audited return in time.
    the gov.should extend the date of filing audit report realize the hardship of the tax paying people or professional .

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