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D.O. No. 40/CH(IC)/2020

Date: 09th November 2020

Change is a constant in our lives. As service officers it allows us an opportunity to experience different facets of departmental work in various parts of the country which is unique in its wide diversity. This year the Annual General Transfers, which facilitates this process, has been delayed due to the precautions required during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has also been done in a restricted manner to primarily take care of administrative exigencies and address urgent staff requests. As you all are aware, over the last two weeks various orders under the Annual General Transfers for all the ranks from Principal Chief Commissioners/Chief Commissioners (Pr.CCs/CCs) right down to the Officer Trainees of 70th and 71′ Batch of IRS (C&CE) and Group B Staff have been issued. Further, a go-ahead has been given to the Placement Committee of Pr.CCs/CCs for local level rotations as per the transfer policy and for establishing functionality in the field formations. I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to all those who will be moving out to their new assignments, especially to the Officer Trainees who would be getting their first-hand experience in the field.

I would, at this juncture, also like to remind and sensitise one and all that the department is going through transformational changes, be it in the area of Customs (Faceless Assessment, CAROTAR, 2020, SCMTR Regulations, etc.) or GST (addressing challenges relating to simplifying and increasing compliance as well as revenue augmentation measures) or in its routine administrative functioning (implementation of e-Office). Continuity of work is a must. It is therefore very important that outgoing officers pass on ‘Handing Over’ notes to the incoming officers about areas that require attention. The leadership at the Zonal level/ Commissionerate level in GST and Customs must play a pivotal role in this smooth transition.

Our work places are like our second home to us. We spend substantial time in one or the other offices within the larger framework of the CBIC family. Officers and staff are our biggest assets. It is for the leadership to ensure their well-being through creation and upkeep of departmental assets such as land, buildings, etc. which in one way or the other way affect our functioning. While these are being substantially taken care of, I have come across a few instances where land lease and building hiring or renewal proposals are being sent belatedly. Similarly, some funded projects are not meeting deadlines. These cause avoidable embarrassment. The DGHRD is in the process of developing a utility for monitoring progress of infrastructure projects. While such a mechanism is being put in place, concerned formations should take care to ensure timely submission of the proposals. The Zonal  Heads and the Commissioners should review these aspects from time to time and ensure a better work-place for their officers and staff. It reminds me that a review of our budget was done by Secretary, Dept. of Expenditure. While the DG, DGHRD and her team have discussed and put up a spirited defence saving us from severe cuts, the fact remains that we need to plan and spread out our spending through the year, especially for major projects.

It gives the Board a sense of satisfaction to see that the field formations are processing the requests of officers and staff for financial assistance from the Customs & Central Excise Welfare Fund for the portion of medical expenses incurred on their own/dependents medical treatment which has been not reimbursed under CS(MA)/CGHS Rules. The Governing Body in CBIC has approved financial assistance in 21 such instances for an approximate amount of Rs. 25 lakh. I again request the Association office bearers to help and the leadership to process such requests, if any, expeditiously.

A similar action is required for the disbursement of rewards to officers and informants both on the preventive and audit side, as applicable. I have tasked the DGs of DGGI and DRI to complete this process in all pending cases that are ripe by the end of December, 2020 and will be monitoring the same. I request similar action from the field formations. Departmental schemes should not be confined to paper and should be monitored and implemented in letter and spirit. Lack of budget should not be an excuse for non-sanction of rewards. Disbursement can always be made when grants are received.

Friends, the festival season is here. The Government through the Department of Expenditure has thoughtfully come out with a scheme of Grant of Advance — Special Festival Package to Government Servants with a view to support the officers’ festival related expenses while giving a necessary boost to the economy by increasing demand. DGHRD is in discussion with SBI for its implementation. Meanwhile, I request the zonal heads to circulate the scheme widely and encourage all officers and staff to avail of the festival advance and participate in the economy’s growth story.

(May the light of the diya (lamp) illuminate not just your home but your life too). Happy Green Diwali!.

Yours sincerely

(M. Ajit Kumar)


All Officers and Staff of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

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