Whenever Eway Bill is generated on the online portal either by Registered Supplier, Registered Recipient or Transporter, it will automatically intimate to the other party, if it is registered.

Thus, If we are registered person, then whenever the supplier generate Eway Bill against our GSTIN no., it will auto populated on our login page on E-way Bill portal.

Following are the Steps to  Generate a report in respect of “Eway Bills Generated by others” against our GSTN by the other party for a particular date: (Images Attached)

  1. . Login with your User ID and Password on https://ewaybill.nic.in
  2. On the Left side in the blue panel Click on Reports  >   Other EWB Reports   >Generated by others.
  3. Select the Date.
  4. Click on Go, and it will generate a report.

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  1. Ansari Saleem says:

    How can I find out present posn of a particular eway bill generated by third party against my GSTN?. The eway bill generated by the third party says it was created on Dec 18th. I want to find out the details.

  2. camukuljain says:

    If sale above Rs.50 k for sale to retailer , then also Eway Bill is required, in this case in the GSTN column you have to entered ‘URP’.

    Within 10k.m also Eway Bill is required.

  3. anil sharma says:

    if above 50 thousand sale to retailer or unregistered person then how to generate e way bill and with in 10 kilometer distance any type of e way bill generate or not if item value is more than 50000/-
    pl clear the matter

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