Article explains how to generate E-way Bill in case of single invoice having consignment in more than one vehicle or multiple vehicle.

Practical issues faced by many assessees are as follows :

1. How many E-way Bills need to be generated ?

2. What other documents are required ?

3. What are the documents, transporter need to carry with him ?

Solution to the above practical issues are as follows :

1. The no. of Eway Bills required to be generated are equal to the no. of vehicles carrying the consignment.

2. The supplier is also required to generate one separate delivery challan for each of the vehicle (delivey challan must give reference to the original invoice)

3. The documents a transporter need to carry with him are as follows :

  • Delivey Challan
  • Self attested copy (by supplie) of Original Invoice
  • Eway Bill generated for the respective Vehicle

Note: Original Copy of the invoice shall be sent along with the last consignment.

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  1. Anil says:

    If invoice value is Rs 10 lacs and we send these goods in 4 vehicles @ 2,50,000/- in each vehicle. Do we generate E-way bills against delivery challans only ? If so, how this sale will be reflected in GSTR-1 ?

  2. Nidhijain01 says:

    Mr Krishna, same is your case as of Mr Ravi, you need to generate delivery challan according to the capacity of vehicle and then generate eway bill according to the delivery challan

  3. Nidhijain01 says:

    Mr Ravi,

    in this case, you need to make respective number of delivery challans against the 1 invoice and then generate eway bill on the basis of delivery challan. in this case, vehicle will have to carry delivery challan in addition with invoice and eway bill

  4. Ravi Tana says:


    Please clear the following doubt:
    We are transporting goods of Value not more than Rs. 25,000/- in a single vehicle on Delivery Chalan. But the total invoice value is Rs. 10,00,000/-. Do we need to generate 40 way bills with the same invoice number and different DC numbers. Please revert.

    Thanks in Advance.

  5. krishna kumar says:

    please clear my doubts on eway bill

    one bill is for 100 nos of cases amounting to rs 1 lakh, e way bill is generated, but while loading it in that vehicle only 80 cases is accomadated , balance 20 cases should be send by another vehicle how to generate eway bill for this .

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