Goods and Services Tax is the newest taxation law in India. It is one of the biggest tax reforms in the historic Indian economic set-up. The Goods and Services Tax regime seeks to strengthen and streamline the taxation regime with respect to trade in goods and services which would reduce numerous internal processes and will improve ease of doing business in India.

For helping you understand all the new taxation regime Shri Sudhir Halakhandi has crafted a GST eBook. The e-book is in the PDF format and could be downloaded easily free of cost.

Anyone could download it or read it online.

Shri Sudhir Halakhandi, is an experienced and a leading chartered accountant from the city of Beawar in the state of Rajasthan. The GST book is an exhaustive e-book on the GST system. Shri Halakhandi has made this book available on this website free of cost for all entrepreneurs within the country who find it difficult in acquiring all the relevant information with respect to GST. The language used by Shri Halakhandi in the book is very simple and easy to understand.

Shri Sudhir Halakhandi has released the 3rd Edition of this 194-page e-book on GST on June 15, 2017, which is an improved version as compared to its previous versions. The GST e-book comprises of 17 chapters which detail the different provisions of the Goods and Services Tax in very simple language that is easily understandable because it offers real life \ scenarios and computations based on them. The Fourth edition of the Book will be released on 15th July 2017 and it will remain free for taxpayers and professionals.

The primary objective of this e-book is to enlighten the readers with all the key concepts of Goods and Services in a simple and easy manner with the main purpose that the business community that is being impacted most by the implementation of GST, could have a proper understanding of what to expect and GST has to offer. This e-book on GST also attempts at explaining the concepts of the Goods and Services Tax with the help illustrations and flowcharts so as to give practical examples and insights into how GST will influence the day-to-day business operations. The book efforts to streamline the concepts of GST for the businesses, particularly mid-size and small-size businesses that might not have sufficient access to the knowledge-base of GST. The e-book would be very useful for students and tax consultants in appreciating the basic concepts of the Goods and Services Tax. The main purpose of the book is to serve the readers in understanding the new tax regime in a simplistic way.

About the author

Shri Sudhir Halakhandi has studied the GST since 2006. He has also curated a paper “Goods and Service Tax – An Introductory Study” which was published in the CA Journal “The Chartered Accountant” in the year 2007 by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. His papers are widely used as references in the academic circles and even by Lok Sabha secretariat and various universities. His e-book on GST is the result of his hard work put in more than 500 published articles in several leading news websites and newspapers. Apart from this, Shri Sudhir Halakhandi has more than 50 Goods and Service Tax related youtube videos which are available on his channel “GST By Sudhir Halakhandi” and it has viewership of More than 3 Lakhs till today. NDTV a Leading Indian TV channel has discussed this Book for 20 Minutes in prime time with Leading Anchor Mr. Ravish Kumar and it is first time in the History of India Taxation that a Tax Book written by a CA has given 20 Minutes on Prime time by a top National TV channel.

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  1. Vikas says:

    If we are getting bill of dated 30/6/17 related to Service tax after filing Excise Return on dated 10/7/17 of June 2017 , Can we get ITC on service tax on bill which we have recd after filing Excise Return of JUNE 2017 on dated 10/7/17.


    while down load it is shown as Hindi version

    how to down load english version

    it is in english send me link i can down load

    thanks & regars

  3. jaiparkash sharma says:

    I hire truck from market and then sent to company i earned commission in the early stage pay 4.5% on 25% hire now tell me gst status how to calculate this. Because i don’t have nay vehicle first i hire in the market suppose I hire Rs.500- for fridabad but I sent it to the company for Rs.600/- only I earned Rs.100- how the GST calculated on this what the billing system.

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