Steps to convert JSON file into Excel format

Step-1 Login to GST Portal by using the below link

Step-2 Go to return dashboard > select financial year & month and proceed

Step-3 In Auto drafted GSTR 2A tab > Click on download > Generate file

A message will be displayed

Your request for generation has been accepted kindly wait for 20 min.

Visit after 20 min and click on Download file-1 & file will be downloaded in JSON format.


Alternatively JSON file of inward supplies can be downloaded from GSTR 2 also by clicking Prepare Offline TAB in GSTR 2

image 1

Step-4 Convert the JSON file to CSV Format by uploading your JSON file to the site.   (Please note that by uploading your data here you are sharing your Data with this website and we do not know how this website uses such Data.) Also Check note at the end of article*

image 2

Step-5 Download the Converted CSV file

Step-6 Download the Offline Utility software of the JSON file converter to Excel using the below link

(It will work only above version of Microsoft Excel 2010 and above)

Step-7 Extract downloaded excel utility & Open the Excel file in the folder

image 3

Step-8 Press RESET ALL in the excel sheet before you proceed

Step-9 In Select Input Method, select Web input

Then on your left hand side of excel sheet JSON_Input Tab will be created

image 4

Step-10 Open the downloaded CSV file which was converted from JSON in

Step-11 Copy and Paste the data in the CSV File in the tab JSON_Input in Excel Utility by using using CTRL+ALT+V ( Paste Special – Values )

Step-12 Then come back to Convert TAB in excel sheet next to JSON_Input file (Current TAB ) & Click on convert

Step-13 A Pop-up message will be displayed “Input Data is converted” press OK

image 5

Step-14 Now Click on Generate File, a Pop-up message will be displayed “EXCEL file is generated in Output folder” then click OK

image 6

Step-15 Open Offline Excel Utility & Open OUTPUT Folder

image 7

Step-16 Now converted JSON to Excel file will be available

image 8

image 9Step-17 Open the Excel sheet & Apply V look up with Purchase register extracted from Accounting software.

*Please Note that now there is no need for above Excel utility as GSTIN in its latest Offline Software provided the facility to convert JSON file to Excel format. (Updated on 18.01.2017)

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  1. Jain T.M. says:

    I have converted JsOn File Using on Line From Your
    Service There Are Bills Having Multiple Items Of Different Tax Rates But In Converted File It Shows Any One Tax Retes Items Only Other Tax Rate Items are Missing
    Pls Guide Us to Get Correct Excel File

  2. Romit Mehta says:

    Unable to download excel utility from dropbox link. Please help. Can you send file utility to my mail – “”

  3. CA Prerit Agarwal says:

    Great effort by CA and Articles community. A useful article when all of us struggling to prepare GSTR 2 and where GSTN has left this part unattended. “Autopopulation” was a myth.

    1. says:

      Thanks for your kind words CA Prerit Agarwal.
      Even in GSTR offline Utility Usermanual they mentioned along with screenshots that we can export to excel, But there is know such option in GSTR Offline Utility.
      In today’s webinar i dropped this question to GSTN Vice-president Shashi Bushan Yadav & he replied there is no such option as of know & their team is in the process of developing the same.
      Thanks & Regards
      B Vinay Reddy

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