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Call for GST protest week and common representation

Union is strength

GST protest

This is the advice given by 16 century Saint Ramdas from Maharashtra to (king) Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. In essence it means “one who organises mass movement gets the strength. But he cautions that it have backing of God, meaning there by that the goal should be noble.”

We at MTPA always keep this in mind. We have conviction that the purpose behind our representation to Government is noble i.e. Simplification and fairness to tax payers and rightful revenue to the Government.

The tax professionals are scattered and are not united enough that their grievances will be heard by Government. The large tax payers and trade organisations which have some strength and easy access to powerful people will not speak for small and medium scale Tax payers. Therefore we appeal to all the tax professional associations to join hands and organise nationwide Representations on very important and urgent issues which we face.

You may recall that last year MTPA took lead to organise a nationwide Protest on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi death anniversary. Government was forced to take cognizance; and Hon. Finance Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman had to listen to our grievances. Suggestions regarding late fee and QRQP were accepted. Many major issues remain unattended. Government had given cold response. Let us not be self-satisfied. Change in law or rules are always a long drawnprocess. So long as we have genuine grievances, we must keep exerting pressure by relentlessly making representations and suggestions for improvement. Consistency and perseverance are key to success.

Another advice of Saint Ramdas is guiding universal principle. He said

Saint Ramdas

With reference to the above background and present circumstances it means

“Those who have come together hold them united. And strive to gather others so that you grow in strength, to establish judicious welfare state.

Most problems are of small and medium sector. Hence question is frequently asked “why tax professional shall protest?” Ratan Tata the illustrious industrialist once said “What is good for nation is good for me” This is our guiding principle.

MSME sector tax payers suffer in silence. They totally depend upon tax professionals for compliances. Hence it is our problem also.

The major issues at present are related to cancellation of registration, notices for ITC claims. We are preparing proposed common representation, which we will share with you in a day or two. We appeal to you to keep a week 24th Jan to 28 Jan 2022 for this purpose of nationwide common representation.

On the eve of anniversary of first nationwide protest about issues under GST, Let us again approach the government through local representatives (Members of Parliament, Ministers, GST Authorities etc) with common representation. There were many organisations which did not participate last year in the protest. We are sure all of them have sympathy for our cause. Let us convert sympathy in to support.


For All India Representation & Protest Committee

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