GSTN Issued Advisory on Tracking GST Refund Application Status on the GST Portal and PFMS portal

Initially, the functionality to track the status of GST refund application has been available on the GST common portal at only. Now, the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) has also made available a central portal to track the status of bank account validation and disbursal of refund amount under GST at-

A tax officer can issue payment order only after Public Financial Management System (PFMS) has validated the bank account mentioned in the refund application (RFD-01). Similarly, final disbursement of refund amount sanctioned by the tax officer happens only after (PFMS) has validated the bank account mentioned in the payment order (RFD-05). Thus, validation of bank account takes place at two stages. However, the exact detailed status of bank account validation is not available on the GST Portal.

Now, advisory is being issued for the benefit of the taxpayers in order to make them  aware of the ways in which they can track the status of their refund applications on:

1. The GST Portal for knowing the exact stage at which the refund application is pending with the officer/ taxpayer.

2. The PFMS portal for knowing the status of bank account validation/ disbursal.

So let’s discuss the steps to access both the options on GST and PFMS portal, First for tracking the status of application on the GST Portal, you need to login to the GST Portal and navigate to Services >Refunds > Track Application Status command and then search either by selecting filing year or using ARN and now the “Bank Account Validation Status” is displayed.

And for accessing the same at PFMS, go to the link provided Further, there are three other options available:

1. GST registered: If you want to check the status of your bank account validation after you have filed RFD-01, enter your GSTIN or Account Number and click on ‘View

2. GST Successfully Processed: this will work after the tax officer has issued the payment order (RFD-05), enter your GSTIN or Account Number and click on ‘View Report’.

3. GST Under Process: If you don’t find the record under ‘GST Successfully Processed’ it means validation has failed, enter your GSTIN or Account Number and click on ‘View Report’. The error descriptions for validation failure shall appear for further action by a tax officer/ taxpayer.

Mentioned below is the link to Read the Advisory

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