Introduction: The Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, has issued a crucial notification on January 2, 2024, regarding the Special Deposit Scheme for Non-Government Provident, Superannuation, and Gratuity Funds. This notification brings significant changes to the interest rates applicable to deposits made under the scheme, impacting various financial aspects. In this article, we delve into the details of the notification, providing a comprehensive analysis of its implications.

Detailed Analysis:

The notification, marked as F. No. 5(3)-B(PD)/2023, amends the interest rates for deposits under the Special Deposit Scheme. According to the information released, the revised interest rate is set at 7.1% (seven point one percent). This new rate, effective from January 1, 2024, to March 31, 2024, replaces the previous rate, signaling a shift in the financial landscape for the specified period.

The Special Deposit Scheme, initially introduced through Notification No.F.16(1)-PD/75 dated 30th June, 1975, has long been a cornerstone for Non-Government Provident, Superannuation, and Gratuity Funds. The adjustment in interest rates reflects the Ministry’s proactive approach in aligning financial policies with the prevailing economic conditions.

This modification in interest rates carries notable implications for individuals and entities involved in the mentioned funds. Investors and fund managers need to reassess their financial strategies and projections in light of the new interest rate. Additionally, this adjustment may impact the overall economic landscape, influencing investment patterns and fund allocations.

Furthermore, the announcement by Ashish Vachhani, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, indicates a deliberate effort to maintain transparency and keep stakeholders informed about the changes. This move fosters an environment of financial responsibility and accountability, crucial for the smooth functioning of economic systems.


In conclusion, the Ministry of Finance’s recent notification regarding the Special Deposit Scheme marks a significant development in the financial sector. The decision to revise the interest rate to 7.1% from January 1 to March 31, 2024, underscores the dynamic nature of financial policies and the government’s commitment to adapt to evolving economic conditions.

Stakeholders, including investors, fund managers, and financial analysts, should closely monitor these changes and make necessary adjustments to their strategies. The transparency exhibited by the Ministry through this notification contributes to a more informed and resilient financial ecosystem.

As we navigate through the first quarter of 2024, the impact of this decision will unfold, shaping the trajectory of investments, provident funds, superannuation, and gratuity funds. It is imperative for all concerned parties to stay updated on further developments and respond accordingly to optimize financial outcomes in this evolving landscape.



(Department of Economic Affairs)


New Delhi, the 2nd January, 2024

F. No. 5(3)-B(PD)/2023.—It is hereby notified that the deposits made under the Special Deposit Scheme for Non-Government Provident, Superannuation and Gratuity Funds, announced in the Ministry of Finance (Department of Economic Affairs) Notification No.F.16(1)-PD/75 dated 30th June, 1975, shall with effect from 1st January, 2024 to 31st March, 2024 bear interest at 7.1% (seven point one percent). This rate will be in force w.e.f. 1st January, 2024.


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