prpri HappyLoans – A revolution in Credit Industry by Manish Khera HappyLoans – A revolution in Credit Industry by Manish Khera

Manish Khera is a renowned entrepreneur, investor and a banker having more than two decades of rich experience in the finance domain. He has vast knowledge in micro-payments and microfinance and has been one of the key facilitators of financial Inclusion in the country across socio-economic segments.

He has held several leadership roles such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Airtel Payments Bank, CEO of FINO Paytech, Co-Founder of YTS Solutions, etc. With his unwavering dedication and hard work, he has achieved several prestigious milestones and has been an inspiration and a role model for the Young Generation, not just in India but globally.

He is also an advisor to many banking, technology and related ventures, such as Mera Doctor, YTS, Dhanax, IMV, Farmart, Ambee and Enable to name a few.

He has received various recognitions in the field of financial Inclusion and Micro Finance space. He has  been selected as the Young Global Leader of 2011 by the World Economic Forum.

He has also been recognized as the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2011” by E&Y and has been awarded for the “Outstanding Start-Up” in the Forbes India Leadership award 2012.

He has been involved with various regulatory/ financial institutions including PPI, BC, MFI, payment Bank, RBI committees. He has played a significant role in structuring regulations to provide practical and feasible business solutions to micro customers.

HappyLoans By ArthImpact – A revolution in Credit Industry 

ArthImpact started in December 2016 with a structured design to provide complete credit solution to Micro Customers, in which KYC requirements, Loan Repayment, and all other compliances are available with just a few clicks.

The mission is to offer digital financial services in India, with credit as a first product, to the underserved mass market. Conventionally, Small and Medium Enterprises in India have had very few options on loan products and even today small merchants don’t have easy access to mainstream banking facilities.

In order to assists such SMEs and small merchants to fulfil their working capital requirements, ArthImpact has launched a Credit Product namely ‘HappyLoan’.

The name given as Happy to the product has its own meaning, Happyloan will bring a smile on the face of the people who are not benefited by the mainstream banking system. HappyLoan is a new revolution in the Indian Banking industry.

Happyloan is serving over 100 locations all across the country and has already distributed more than 5000 loans in its testing phase. Happyloan can be availed even by a person with Low-Income Bracket or with no credit history. One of the greatest advantages of availing Happyloan is that there are no Penal Charges for Delayed or Prepayment. The loan size starts from Rupees 2000 and extend up to Rupees 1,00,000. The loan tenure is very flexible e.g. one can avail the loan even for a period of one month to support his immediate loan requirements.

There are over 600 million people in India with no access to the mainstream Banking facilities.  Happyloan will serve them to the fullest.  At present, Happyloan is self-funded and exploring various credit lines from the industry. This product is available in 50+ major Indian cities and increasing its presence through various collaborations. The Happyloan business model leverages technology to design a revolutionary way of banking which can be accessible by anyone and available 24/7 from anywhere.

Happyloan by ArthImpact is the torch bearer/pioneer in offering such credit service. It is expected to benefit small merchants, housewives and students who may not have access to mainstream banking for micro credits. And it is expected to boost various Government initiatives like Skill India, Make in India, Digital India etc. by bringing more people into banking and credit system.

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