Dated : 14/2/2000

F.No. 275/212/99-CX.8A

Subject: Payment of application fee in respect of applications filed before Settlement Commissioner- Regarding.

You are aware that in terms of the provisions of Section 32E of the Central Excise Act and Section 127B of the Customs Act, an applicant who wants to settle his case before the Settlement Commission, is required to file an application before the Settlement Commission.

The procedure for filing an application before the Commission, inter-alia, prescribes that the application should be accompanied by the triplicate of Tr-6 challan, evidencing payment of application fee of Rs. 1,000/-. Similarly, an applicant obtaining copies of reports etc., is required to pay a fee Rs. 5 per page of each report or part thereof.

The Chairman, Settlement Commission, has brought to the notice of the Board that there are certain difficulties for payment of applicant fee, as the banks are not inclined to accept the payments in the absence of an assignment code to regulate such payment for the purpose of accounting. The matter had been referred to the Principal Chief Controller of Accounts for guidance and further necessary action.

The matter is now resolved and the following Bank Assignment Codes have been allotted by SBI to the PAOs and the same may be noted in future on the challans under which payments are required to be made on account of matters pertaining to the Settlement Commission.

PAO Assignment Code SBI Branch
Pr Branch

New Delhi

Central Excise


17.11.01 SBI, I.P. Estate Branch, New Delhi
Addl. Bench


Central Excise


17-06-01 SBI, Churchgate Branch Mumbai

Further, it is requested that the departmental officers may be advised to authenticate the challans for payment of application fee in the event an applicant approaches them for the same.

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