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F.No. S/22-Gen-150/2015-16/AM(I)/JNCH 

Dated: 30.05.2017

Public Notice No. 68/2017

Sub: Assessment and Examination of consignments/ bills of entry of importers accorded DPD facility which is not facilitated by RMS and has been marked for ‘Assessment and Examination’- Reg.

Attention of all the importers, exporters, customs brokers and the member of the trade is invited to various measures taken for facilitation of trade and for reduction of cost to the importer in the spirit of ‘Ease of doing Business’ and to reduce dwell time in clearance of the imported consignments.

2. It is reiterated that the purpose of DPD facility is to facilitate the import of goods in the manner so as to achieve the above mentioned objective. In this connection, it has been observed that in case of consignments/ bills of entry of importers accorded DPD facility and which have not been facilitated by RMS and marked by system for ‘Assessment and Examination’, the Assessing Group orders for a certain percentage of those goods for examination. For this purpose all the containers pertaining to the Bill of entry are shifted to the CFS for examination, which increases the dwell time & transaction cost. Therefore, as a measure of trade facilitation and in the spirit of ‘Ease of Doing Business’, it has been decided that all the Assessing Groups of this Custom House will follow the following procedure while giving examination order in case of consignments/ bills of entry of importers accorded DPD facility which are not facilitated by RMS and which have been marked for ‘Assessment and Examination’ by system:-

(a) In case, the bill of entry contains single container, LCL or heterogeneous goods (in nature and value), examination order will be given as per regular group practice.

(b) In case, the bill of entry contains more than single container and contains homogeneous goods in nature and value, assessing group will mark the container No. to be examined in the examination order itself instead of marking a certain percentage of whole consignments to be examined. The number of containers (rounded off to minimum one container) to be examined will be decided by the group based on the percentage of examination given by the assessing group for that commodity. For example, if the bill of entry contains 40 containers and percentage of goods examined is 5% for that commodity than 5% of the 40 containers i.e. 2 containers number will be mentioned specifically in the examination order.

3. The importer/ Customs broker will ensure shifting of only those containers to CFS which have been specified by the Assessing Group in Examination Order and will ensure that same are presented to Docks Customs Officer on priority basis within 24 hrs by local arrangement with the terminal operator, transporter/ CFS. The Customs Officer posted at Docks will also ensure that examination of all such containers is being done on top priority in a way to facilitate the importer/ Customs Broker to present the examination report to the Preventive/Boarding officer posted at Terminal for final OOC within 48 hrs of filing of IGM so that importer can avail DPD facility accorded to them even in case of their bill of entry being selected for examination. In case, any misdeclaration is found by the Docks Officer during examination of the containers specified by the Group Officer, all the remaining Containers lying in the terminal will be presented before the Docks Officer for examination as per procedure.

4. In this exercise, it is expected that CFS will park all such containers in “DPD- examination”area specifically earmarked for this purpose so that it would be easy to locate and present the said container before Docks Customs Officer for examination on a top priority basis. Further it is expected from all stake holders to give “top priority”to such consignments.

5. In continuation of above, attention of all importers, exporters, Customs Brokers and member of trade is also invited to the Public notice No 60/2017 on the subject “import of Waste Paper”. The importers of Waste Paper had represented that they were already submitting “End Use Bond”while clearing the consignments of Waste paper, hence submission of “No Use bond”will create additional burden. Further examination of Central Excise would also be a burden and will increase cost. They also submitted that majority of importers are already accorded with AEO and most of the consignment are already being facilitated by RMS. The submissions of the importers have been examined carefully and for ease of doing business, it has been decided that importers of Waste Paper may also follow the procedure laid down as above.

6. This procedure will be implemented with immediate effect and difficulties, if any, faced in implementation of this procedure may be brought to the notice of the undersigned.

7. This issues with the approval of the Chief Commissioner of Customs.

Commissioner of Customs, NS-III

Copy to:

1. The Pr. Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II.
2. The Pr. Commissioner/All the Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II.
3. All Addl. /Joint Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II.
4. All Deputy/Asst. Commissioner of Customs Mumbai Zone-II.
5. The DC/EDI for uploading on the JNCH Website.
6. The Superintendent, Boarding office, JNCH.
7. Port Terminals (JNPCT/NSICT/GTI).
8. Office Copy.

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