Circular  No. 50/2004-Cus
1st October

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
(Central Board of Excise & Customs)

 Subject: Synchronization of holidays  by Ports/Airports and the   Customs Authority-regarding

I am directed   to invite  your attention to the above  mentioned  subject. The    issue of  synchronization of  holidays  between Ports/Airports and  Customs was  discussed on 9.4.1999 in the 22nd  Export Promotion Board meeting Chaired by Cabinet Secretary  and  it was decided   that  Ports/Airports and  Customs  would synchronize  their  holidays .As the  synchronization of  holidays  between ports/airports had   still not  materialized , the  decision was     again reiterated in the 42nd Export Promotion Board meeting held  on  9.7.2004 .

2.    In view  of  the decision of  the  Export Promotion Board, you are requested to  ensure  that,  to the  extent possible  holidays  should be  decided in consultation with the Ports/Airports Authority or  Custodians , as  the  case  may be , so that holidays  are synchronized , to ensure smooth flow of  trade.

3.  Hindi version will follow.

4.  This Circular was duly published in newspaper and placed on the CBEC website  from  19.8.2004 to 7.9.2004.  Views received  have  been duly examined  and  considered

Under   Secretary  to the  Government of  India
Pone  No.23094182

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