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Dated: January 6, 2015

Circular No.02/2002, dated 08.01.2002 provides for the facility to obtain export certificate for jewellery carrying by passengers while travelling to a foreign destination to facilitate its duty free re-import on return to India.

At present this facility is being provided at Customs Office, Jhandewalan Jewellery Complex, Jhandewalan, Karol Bagh, New Delhi falling under the jurisdiction of Commissionerate of Air Cargo (Export), New Delhi. Representations have been received from passengers, DIAL and other stake holders to provide such facility at the IGI Airport, New Delhi. In order to facilitate Foreign Bound Passengers carrying gold/silver jewellery for personal use not meant for commercial purpose to foreign destinations with the intention of bringing it back to India on their return, the said facility is also being provided at IGI Airport, Terminal-3, New Delhi in addition to the facility provided at the Customs office, Jhandewalan Jewellery Complex, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.


1. Passenger should bring with him four copies of a detailed packaging list incorporating the item wise details of each item of jewellery mentioning the particulars necessary for the identification of the items at the time of re-import, such as S.No., description of the item, B.I.S. number, purity, number of pieces of each item, gross weight of each item, net weight of gold/silver in terms of 0995/.999 fineness, value of the item, weight of diamonds, if any present in the item, description of precious/semi precious stones, if any along with weight of the stones, value of the stones, value addition/labour charges etc. Passenger should also submit a copy of the invoice or a legal document establishing the ownership of the items. If no such document is available, an affidavit stating the source of jewellery, ownership and value must be submitted. Name of the passenger, passport no., destination, date, time and Flight No. of onward travel should be mentioned clearly on the packaging lists.

2. Passenger should bring with him two sets of clear coloured photographs of each item.

3. Passenger must be in possession of valid passport with return ticket.

4. Passenger must state the purpose of visit abroad and submit an undertaking to re-import the same jewellery.

5. The items are to be packed preferably in transparent packing so that they are visible without opening the package. Any number of the items may be selected at random for verification by the Customs. After verification, the items are to be repacked in the boxes. The boxes will be covered with white cloth and stitched. Name and address of the passenger will be written on the white cloth and a paper sticker signed by the passenger or his representative and the jewellery appraiser, will be pasted on each box and the boxes will then be sealed with Customs Seal. Stamp will be affixed on the sealed boxes stating “Examined and Sealed ____ Boxes with Customs Seal”, with signature and name of the Jewellery appraiser who has examined the goods. Boxes for packing, white cloth and stitching material have to be provided by the passenger

6. One set of coloured photographs will be sealed in an envelope bearing the Customs Seal and signed by the jewellery appraiser. Three copies of the Packing Lists, the sealed boxes bearing the jewellery and the sealed packet containing the photographs will be handed over to the passenger. One copy of the packing list and one set of the photographs will be retained by the jewellery appraiser and details entered in the register maintained for this purpose and the passenger as well as the Jewellery appraiser will append their dated signatures against the said entry in the register.

7. On the date of departure, which must be within 15 days of the issue of the endorsed packing list, the passenger after completion of immigration formalities shall approach the Customs Officer at the Departure with the sealed boxes and the signed Packing Lists. After verifying the same, the Customs Officer will endorse the two copies of the Packing List stating “Exported vide Flight No.__________ dated __________” and shall retain one of the endorsed copies. Details of flight no. and date of journey will be entered in the register against the entries mentioned at para 6 above. The Customs Officer shall escort the passenger with the parcels upto the security hold area. Copy of the said packing list will be kept along with packing list and photographs retained earlier as mentioned at para 6.

8. On return, the passenger shall approach the Customs Red Channel counter and produce the jewellery along with the copy of packing list handed over to him by the Customs at the time of departure. The jewellery will be detained and kept by the Customs in the CWC warehouse. A detention receipt will be given by the Customs to the passenger. The DC/AC (Warehouse) will provide the services of a jewellery appraiser at a mutually convenient time. The Passenger will hand over both the copies of Customs endorsed packaging lists and sealed packet of photographs to the appraiser, and the jewellery shall be appraised as per the certification done at the time of export. Once the same are tallied, both copies of the endorsed packaging lists shall be cancelled and the jewellery released. Entries in the register against the particulars entered earlier as provided at para 6 will be made. One copy of the cancelled packaging list shall be retained by the Customs. The other cancelled copy will be returned to the passenger. The charges of CWC warehouse shall be paid by the passenger.

Export certificate will be issued only for personal bonafide jewellery and not for jewellery in commercial quantity.

This Public Notice may be brought to the Notice of all concerned. Difficulties faced, if any, may be brought to the Notice of Additional Commissioner of Customs, IGI Airport, New Delhi at his telephone No. 011-25652090.


(S R Baruah)
Commissioner of Customs
IGI Airport, T-3, New Delhi

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  1. Vijaya says:

    What a horrible procedure.
    How can the passenger ensure that when the box is being covered and stitched with a white cloth the contents are not being pilfered? Is it not possible that the sealed box with white cloth stitching can be missing some pieces and will be discovered only on opening it abroad and the passenger will have no way of proving this was missing.
    Why do we even buy jewellery? One can neither wear it in India for fear of theft nor can one wear it outside India due to these procedures. Just wear imitation stuff.

  2. A. Ranganathan says:

    The procedure outlined cannot be made more complicated!
    Why go through all this rigmarole?
    Leave your jewelry behind in a safe place and travel in peace and comfort.

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