Digital India initiative times has influenced all sectors of the economy including compliance. More than ever it has become quite easy to file for a trademark digitally. You can say bye to all the hassle of printing the application and then filling it out without doing spelling mistakes. If you did then we both know the drill, do it all over again. Posting the application and waiting for it to reach. Well, it’s all solved now with a click of a button.

Components of Trademark registration fee

  • Government Fee
    • Rs. 4500 if you are a sole proprietor or small enterprise
    • Rs. 4500 if you are a partnership/ company/ LLP with MSME registration.
    • Rs. 9000 if you are a partnership/ company/ LLP without MSME registration

Note: StartEazy can help you get MSME Registration when you apply for your trademark.

  • Trademark Processing Fees
    • Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000 depending on attorney qualifications and experience.

Trademark Registration Online fee vs Offline fee

The trademark registration fees have come drastically down. But you need to find a consultancy that offers quality services at reasonable prices.

Because cheap trademark fee might mean that your attorney who’s filing the trademark is new or inexperienced or low qualified. This will highly increase the chances of trademark objections at a later stage.

It therefore becomes imperative that you choose quality services over cheap alternatives.

However its not necessary that high price means good quality service.

For Eg. The trademark registration fee through offline attorneys will cost you more and might he might not be that experienced.

In contrast Trademark registration online fee might be less but these attorneys file a lot of trademarks so they are better experienced and are able to offer you lower prices because of volume and large scale of operations leverage they have achieved

  Online Consultancies.        Offline CA/CS/Lawyer
Trademark Processing Fee.       Rs 1500 to Rs. 2500 Rs 2500 to Rs. 5000
Experience in Filing High Moderate

Choosing the right consultancy for your TM

Getting it right at the first time is important because when it comes to trademark, Life doesn’t give you a second chance and even if it does it will be when your trademark expires after 10 years or is withdrawn by you.  And both of these are time consuming and complicating scenarios.

So its always better to find the right trademark consultancy.

Look out for cues like their website professionalism and how good their sales personnel are to you over phone.

Check out for their knowledge by asking questions like “Do you take guarantee of my trademark approval?” “What is the opposition reply fee apart from trademark registration fees?”

No good Trademark consultant will guarantee your trademark registration because its entirely an online government process.

So if he says yes, Its a negative sign. If he says “no” then he’s being an honest salesperson. You can trust that company.

Trademark Opposition Fee

Hiring a professional who would assist you in getting a trademark will cost you on top of the Trademark Registration Online Fee. If any opposition rose after you have filed your application then the trademark objection fee at StartEazy varies from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2400 for a normal attorney whereas if you need a special IPR lawyer to draft your reply then the fees will be 4200. It is exclusive of GST.

If you want to change or amend your application under section 47 to 57, 68, 77 then you would have to pay Two Thousand Seven Hundred INR ( 2700 INR ) for E – Filing and some processing fees as well.

Clearing all the hurdles and paying all the fees to finally get your trademark registered is something magical I must say! All the effort paying off as you have your own trademark to show to this world. But have you ever thought about the future of your trademark? In India, you can only have a trademark registered under the Indian Government for 10 years only. Don’t worry you won’t have to go through all the trouble of getting it registered again. You can simply keep renewing it for Nine Thousand INR ( 9000 INR ) for E- Filing.

These are the major costs you should consider before going to register a trademark. For in-depth fees regarding Trademark Registration Online Fee, you can check the official website from the Indian Government.

More About Trademark Registration Online fee

So if you are a company, firm, proprietorship, group, union, etc. that wants to get its unique identity in a world full of names then you must apply for the trademark.

These days it’s so fast that after filing the e-application you can start using the official TM logo as soon as 1 day. This TM logo will give you the credibility that your competitors lack.

Having your own trademark under the Indian Government comes with certain fees. While Professional fees varying from consultancy to consultancy, governmental fees are fixed at Four Thousand Five Hundred INR ( 4500 INR ) if you belong to a startup or maybe a small enterprise or you might be an individual looking for a trademark. If you don’t belong to this group then the fee doubles on you reaching at Nine Thousand INR ( 9000 INR ).

Keep in mind that these are for E – Filing! For Physical Filing, you have to pay 500 more if you are a startup or small-enterprise or again an individual looking for a trademark, which makes the total at Five Thousand INR ( 5000 INR ). If you do not follow that category then you have to pay 1000 more for physical filing than E – Filing, making a dent of Ten Thousand INR ( 10000 INR ) in your pocket.

NOTE:- the above-mentioned Trademark Registration Online fee is for each class and each trademark.


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