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Before adding co-founders, a private firm must decide how much ownership, control, and responsibility each will have. Agreements between co-founders specify who owns what.

What is a Founder in a Private Limited Company?

The founder of a firm is crucial to the success of the enterprise; by taking the first step to begin a business, the founder’s mindset contributes to the development of the enterprise.

The founder’s original plan for the company is what is carried out to give it a reality check.

The founder has a reputation for being creative, innovative, perceptive, strong-willed, and audacious.

The founder is willing to accept all business-related risks as well as rewards.

The founder of a sole proprietorship must work diligently to amass more resources or assets to establish a business.

Additionally, the founder provides assets, cash, intelligence, quality, and support, either on their own or with the assistance of the co-founder.

What Functions Do Co-Founders Play in Private Companies?

The concept of company registration online or launching a business does not always come from a single founder; occasionally, a founder needs additional assistance from a co-founder, a person who is apart from the business.

As one of the company’s first employees, the co-founder assists with planning, raising money, hiring, developing products, and mentoring.

Co-founders continue to make focused and in-depth contributions over time.

Co-founders provide a high startup with a significant amount of dedication and invaluable knowledge.

Before the firm is incorporated, co-founders may have irreconcilable differences over the idea of the business.

Following the completion of a company’s formation, the co-founder will be given certain agreements, such as the percentage of shares he or she owns, responsibility management, and control.

The agreement is still in effect if the present founders decide that the company needs more people to run for positions that require strong ability, professional expertise, and knowledge.

Additionally, if the current co-founder decides to retire or depart, or if such a circumstance arises, the duty and post remain empty.

Founder’s Agreement To Include Co-Founder In Private Company

The main goal of this agreement is to govern the business relationship between the founder and anyone else who wants to carry out the founder’s ideas or establish the firm.

The primary goal of the agreement is to formally divide up the roles, responsibilities, and ownership of the business among the co-founders.

The primary goal of such an agreement is to reduce the differences inside the company. The agreement provides protection when there is a need for open communication between the founders related to the operational management of the organisation.

Things that Must be in the Founder’s Agreement


The distribution of shares and equity among co-founders is the subject of this component. It is important to take into account the co-position founders and their contributions. Below is a list of the proprietorship divisions.

Rule of N

The members must get equal distribution.

Effort and Capital-based

The proprietor’s labour and financial contributions decide how the proprietorship shares are divided.

Vesting Schedule

Vesting enables the purchase and sharing of stock in a corporation.

Ownership Loss and Departure

The agreement must expressly recognise the founder’s rights in the case of his or her departure from the business and must place no restrictions on the sale of shares.

Guidelines to Add a New Co-Founder in a Private Company

Profit Distribution

Conflicts and disagreements over profit distribution are unprofessional; in order to prevent them, there should be a clear statement about how profits will be split among the co-founders.

Roles and Responsibilities

The agreement should specifically outline each co-responsibility founder’s level in order to prevent disputes amongst co-founders. Roles should be able to be redefined as needed during the decision-making process.

Removal of Founder

The agreement must specify in detail the circumstances and procedures under which even the founder may be terminated. There will occasionally be a number of disagreements relating to the co-founder agreement because it does not address these situations.

Decision Making

A co-founder agreement should outline how decisions will be taken in order to prevent disputes arising from an ambiguous situation regarding the stage of a business’s development.

Settling Disputes

Members must identify a different predetermined dispute resolution process if they are unable to resolve their differences.


In business, it is crucial to make sure that any founders who leave the company do not go into competition with the original business.


The loan from the founder must be processed in a specific way that is specified in the agreement; otherwise, there should be some clarification regarding how the founder’s loan will be repaid, such as using benefits or interests.


The conditions for income, profitability and founder remuneration must first be established. Because there are risks and rewards involved, each of these aspects is essential. As a result, the agreement needs to include the basics.

Addition of New Founders

A section describing how a new co-founder can join and the extent of their participation in the company would be excellent to put in the agreement.

Documents Required to Add a Co-founder to the Company

  • PAN Card
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Director’s DSC
  • MOA and AOA of the Private Company
  • Board Report and the Audit Report
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Received after Company Registration Online)


A new founder may get the shares of an existing founder. However, because it is a more time-consuming and expensive process, startups typically don’t do this.

A co-agreement, or founder’s agreement, allows a private company to add additional co-founders and specifies the amount of ownership, management, and control responsibilities to be split equally between the co-founder and the company.

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