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Guidelines to Add a New Co-Founder in a Private Company

December 26, 2022 3291 Views 0 comment Print

Before co-founding, a private firm must create agreements that divide ownership, control & responsibility. Learn how this works & create an enterprise successfully with a founder’s mindset! A Public Charitable Trust Learn the must-know details of drafting a trust deed as per Indian Governments Rules.

Trademark Genericide – Can this be a hurdle in your business?

June 20, 2022 387 Views 0 comment Print

The Trademarks Act of 1999 allows for trademark registration online, which are markings capable of being expressed graphically and differentiating one person’s goods and services from those of another. Sections 9 and 11 of the Act make it abundantly plain that a mark must be sufficiently distinctive to be registered.

How to set up an E commerce Business | An Epic Guide

June 6, 2022 1821 Views 0 comment Print

Embark on a journey to launch your own Ecommerce business in India with our step-by-step guide. From crafting a solid business plan and registering your company to building a website, selecting payment methods, finding a logistics partner, and implementing effective marketing strategies – our epic guide covers it all! Don’t miss out on the booming Indian ecommerce industry; start your entrepreneurial journey now.

How does a trademark work | Everything you must Know

June 4, 2022 1215 Views 0 comment Print

Unlock the secrets of how trademarks work, from their identification role to benefits like consistent quality assurance and brand promotion. Understand the relevance of trademark registration, its unique identification, and how it serves as a shield, providing valuable assets for businesses. Discover the cost-effectiveness of trademarks and their infinite validity, becoming a powerful tool for brand protection and financial leverage.

Cost of Trademark Registration in India | Know Hidden Costs

June 1, 2022 1800 Views 0 comment Print

Learn about the costs involved in trademark registration in India and avoid hidden expenses. Understand the government fees and professional rates for a successful registration process.

Passing off and Infringement of Trademark

January 1, 2022 126978 Views 1 comment Print

According to the Trademark Act 1999, a trademark denotes a mark qualified for representing a brand. Also, it helps with distinguishing the products or services of one person from the competent and may retain the shape of product, packaging and colour combination. But, what is passing off and infringement of the trademark. Well, it is something really […]

Trademark Business Name A Full Guide You Should Know Before Apply

October 7, 2021 1866 Views 0 comment Print

Starting up a business is always a dream, but sometimes one may face challenges from the competitors. One invests his life in making a brand name and seeing someone else using your name brings you down the hill. Therefore, the solution is to trademark business name. Getting a trademark is not a difficult task. It […]

Why is Trademark important?

July 2, 2021 16350 Views 0 comment Print

A registered trademark is a symbol, logo, word, slogan, or company name. It protects your status and stops other businesses from trespassing on your intellectual assets.Trademark registration online is an easy process. Use of Trademark in India? Trademark protection in India demands that owners use it regularly, increasing promotion and advertisement across all platforms. They […]

Trademark Registration Online Fee. Trademark registration cost

May 26, 2021 19524 Views 1 comment Print

Digital India initiative times has influenced all sectors of the economy including compliance. More than ever it has become quite easy to file for a trademark digitally. You can say bye to all the hassle of printing the application and then filling it out without doing spelling mistakes. If you did then we both know […]

Trademark Duration in India: The Renewal of Trademark

February 4, 2021 13302 Views 0 comment Print

Apply trademark Registration Online NOW  Under the Trademark Act 1999, the duration of trademark registration in India is ten years. The renewal for a further 10-years period will require prescribed renewal fees.  Even though the regular duration of a trademark is 10 years from the date of the registration, however, it may vary in some states. You’ll have to decide if […]

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