pri Rectification of Employees Details in EPFO records online and offline Rectification of Employees Details in EPFO records online and offline

EPFO (Employee’s Provided Fund Organization) is an organization which keeps the contribution made towards PF (Provided Fund) of employees and provides pension after attaining the age of 58 / 50 years (provided service period is 10 years or more).

EPFO has made it mandatory to link aadhar number of employees to their EPFO account (very much like linking of PAN to aadhar).

Following are the advantages of linking of aadhar to employees PF account:

1. Pension (at the age of 58/ 50) will get processed easily.

2. Withdrawal/ transfer of PF balance by employees will also be fast.

Employers as well as employee both can update the Aadhar number for the employees. However in case of employees details (such as name , father name, date of birth, gender etc) as per PF records are not matching with aadhar details of the employee then the aadhar number can’t be linked to PF number.

There are two ways of correction of PF account details (such as name , father name, date of birth etc):

1. Online procedure

2. Offline procedure

Online Procedure:

In the online procedure the employee need to go to online site and login to their EPFO account by using their UAN (Universal Account Number) and password.

The employee need to modify the wrong basic details (such as name, date of birth and gender) online and submit the same.

These details need to be verified by the employer online through their own user ID and password.

After that the above is reviewed by the PF authorities and they approve the same or reject with reason.

On final approval by the PF authorities the basic details of employees are changed and now the employee/ employer can update aadhar number online.

Offline Procedure:

In many cases it may not be possible to rectify the name online as the employee may not be able to access website, he does not have UAN or many other reason.

In such cases the basic details in PF records can be amended by way of Joint declaration along with supporting documents.

Also,check online epf withdrawal process.

A joint declaration is signed by both employee and employer and the same is submitted with PF authorities. After the same is updated by the PF authorities in their records the aadhar number can be updated by employer / employee in the EPFO portal.

We are attaching an excel utility through which Joint Declaration can be generated easily in pdf format. It saves a lot of time in preparing the Joint declaration and at the same time helps in maintaining database of declaration made.

Download excel utility through which Joint Declaration can be generated easily in pdf format

Hope users will find this useful.

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  1. Sundeep Singhania says:

    I had an employee who worked in my company on adhoc basis from 01.04.2003 to 05.07.2008 The EPF, EPS were monthly contributed to his account.
    The said employee was registered on 09.07.2008 as Regular employee after giving a break of 3 days from his adhoc employment and is serving till date. His EPF number remains the same and the monthly contribution is deposited on regular basis from 09.07.2008 till date.
    His date of joining is submitted to the EPF department as 09.07.2008 ie. the date his was service was regularized.
    The said employee now wants the management to give a declaration to the department that his joining date was 01.04.2003 ie. the day he joined as adhoc employee.
    Please guide on the above matter on how far is the demand of employee justified or not

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