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One Nation One Housing Policy And What Is In It For Common Indian Citizen, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Architects, Rera Brokers, Lawyers Etc.

First and foremost this policy will make India’s happiness index globally to number one place from existing 136th rank.

India will be the happiest place to live among any other nation.

  • 140 Crores folios of special drawing rights will be created by the Chief Shelter Commissioner and linked to Aadhaar.
  • 35 Crores House with housing loan folios will be created.
  • 35 Lakhs Co-operative housing yearly audits account will be added which each and every Chartered Accountants should know.
  • 35 Lakhs into 40 weeks (i.e.) 14 Crores weekly cost audit report will be done by Cost Accountants and for their certification.
  • 35 Lakhs into 40 weeks (i.e.) 14 Crores weekly architects report will be done by Architects for Asset creation certification project wise.
  • Through National Property Registration portal services of RERA brokers, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers report and Escrow bank (seller side) and similarly RERA brokers, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers report and Escrow bank (buyer side) will have huge revenue for intermediaries.
  • About 35 Lakhs to 1 Crore land parcels in quarter, half, one acre plots will be given to Chief Land Compensation bond Authority.
  • About 35 Lakh Crores zero coupon bonds of 5 years will be added to fixed interest securities market.
  • Listing of zero coupon bonds will be another market for debt rising and for trading in stock exchange. Merchant bankers and retail investors, fixed interest security dealers will benefit.
  • From the audit reports of Co-operative housing societies the stress level of each and every household can be understood and budget formation will be based on this input.
  • Similarly from each and every cost accountants validation the input cost in housing can be monitored on a day to day basis.
  • In one square kilometer (i.e.) 90 lakhs Sq. ft. or 220 acres how best the land can be used for various purpose especially for agriculture land housing can be re drawn.
  • Each architect should design cities with 5 crores, 10 crores, 25 crores, 100 crores FSI centric cities and villages. Accordingly electricity, water, sewerage, roads should be redesigned in 1 acre plots.  33 year old structures should be treated as a deemed barren land and we should plan accordingly.
  • This will make affordable housing in 450, 900, 1200 Sq. ft. flats at national average cost of construction which is roughly now 2500 / Sq. ft. and housing can be available at 11.25, 22 lakhs, 30 lakhs for households numbering from 3,6,8  on an all India basis under RERA RBI house with housing loan schemes with 25 year EMI of roughly around 22000, 15000, 7000 respectively.
  • This will assure housing for all with 150 ft. FSI at cost of construction basis and 50 Sq. ft. of undivided share or equivalent.
  • Those who cannot pay for cost will be covered by Ministry of social welfare.
  • There would be no slums or encroachments.
  • We hope we have satisfied all the conditions of United Nations special raporteur on housing.
  • We request Government of India and all to support this noble cause.


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  1. Sandeep Sheregar says:

    Sir a fantastic thought provoking article on One Nation One Housing Policy for all would be a dream to be achieved for our nation. Having a multi practice Law firm and a practicing advocate myself, I would like to add one very important aspect which could be a bidg hurdle in the path of success of this Grand Plan is to factor in a very strong preventive measure to curb large scale corruption and malpractices by many Cost Accountants and society Auditors resorting to absolute fraud, aiding of misappropriation of funds by the society committee members and rampant corruption in Registrar of Societies, by way of absolute manipulation of Audit of society funds. I can give you thousands of live examples. If a concrete preventive mechanism to prevent corruption is not included in this Grand Plan of Housing for all devised by you, it would be a disaster.
    I wish you all the very best

    1. sree161987 says:

      As Myself is a Chartered Accountant and Valuer, I have understood your precautionary measures are built in the system as per the UN Charter. That is why we have separated the process into 3 parts. First One is land Compensation Bonds. Second One is real Cost monitoring through Weekly payment Process. Third One. We have asked the RBI & RERA to come with ten-star construction companies, limited purpose construction banks and Exclusive construction factoring services who will get money from RBI in 5 tranches for each project. RERA – RBI housing loan will be kept in the Escrow account separately until then the project is completed. That is why the assignment rights have been changed by RBI and it has been notified. Kindly go through the factoring rules issued by the Finance ministry and guideline issued to RBI for assignment rights in factoring through RBI. That is why we are requesting the RBI to come with a Deputy Governer post to look into land compensation bond, limited purpose construction banks, construction weekly payments, construction factoring and separation of buyers account in the escrow account. That is why we are insisting on RERA brokers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, architect, lawyers and factoring agent in every leg of transaction. So you will see in every leg of transaction complete transparency and compliance ensured. we are asking RERA RBI monthly progress report to monetary policy committee.

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