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This article discusses the innovative Dravidian Model for eradicating shelterlessness and the Dharavi Redevelopment Programme, which aims to transform 600 acres of land with 8 lakh population and 13,000 establishments. The model emphasizes a new valuation method and the allocation of land based on FSI (Floor Space Index) while addressing demand-side issues through cooperative housing societies.

The proposed valuation method deviates from colonial practices, valuing land based on its FSI potential. A recommended compensation bond and allocation of funds between social welfare and cooperation ministries are suggested. The need for soil, structural, and seismic tests is emphasized before proceeding with redevelopment.

Demand-side issues involve grouping population segments, offering RERA RBI houses with housing loans, and creating cooperative housing societies based on new and old survey data. The Dravidian Model’s structure envisions a Chief Shelter Commissioner for India and various authorities to achieve housing for all.

One Nation One Housing Policy And Dharavi Redevelopment Programme And Dravidian Model of Eradicating shelterlessness

We are very happy to read from media that about 600 acres of land with 8 lakh population and 13000 establishments will be re-habitated with four FSI Index.

It will be about 8.65 crore FSI centric city by itself. Readers are requested to recollect that right from our first article we have been maintaining that land should be segregated as per the shelter able space it can create and valuation should be done depending on the FSI the land can hold . This is the first deviation in valuation of land and we will be moving from the colonial method of valuing land. As a first step we recommend 600 crores worth of land compensation bond carrying 5% tax free and 5% GST free and for 5 year tenure And 100 Rs. Per sq.ft. for land as assignment rights and 100 Rs. Per Sq.ft. for each Sq.ft. of FSI sanctioned. In our opinion this will work out to 5 crores per acre and 3000 crores will be the bond value. This should be allocated between social welfare Ministry and Ministry of cooperation. We humbly request the Dharavi development authority to once again check for the soil test, structural engineers report and globally well researched institutions for Seismic test etc., and reconfirm whether all the 600 acres qualify for four FSI. If this is confirmed, we can go ahead with redevelopment.

Demand side Issues : As suggested by us, of the 8 lakh population, people aged between 21 to 66 years must be grouped with their Aadhaar, ration card, voters id, income certificate and must be offered RERA RBI house with housing loans as coupons and based on the new survey no and old survey no., ration card etc., must be grouped proposed cooperative housing society wise and the space has to be created and allotted.

For the benefit of the readers, we present the following structure


Ministry of Co-operation

RERA-RBI House with Housing loan coupon holders Ministry of Social
Controller of Land
Compensation Bonds
CHIEF SHELTER COMMISSIONER FOR INDIA Construction Companies & Construction Banks
RERA & IRDA Uniform Supreme Housing Authorities State wise (standard procedures) RBI & Monetary Policy




The Real issue will be to separate those commercial establishments which can continue and those who have to be moved out for pollution and other reasons. Similarly people who cannot pay for cost of construction should be moved out through Ministry of social welfare. Another important issue is how much present FSI each household is enjoying and how much they will re requiring for the next 33 years. Should the present FSI, they are enjoying should be subsidised or not. Same way if they are having more than 1200 Sq.ft. of FSI with all the members in their family, shelter able space creating land elsewhere how these entities must not take advantage from this scheme. Similarly all non-Indian citizens should be deported.

From the demand side, issues are not isolated, this kind of problem can be solved only by a Chief Shelter Commissioner of India, linking of individual space as rights with aadhaar and so many other checks and balances.

To quote Saint Thiruvalluvar,

எண்ணித் துணிக கர்மம் துணிந்தபின்

எண்ணுவது என்பது இழுக்கு

Which means in English, before doing anything or taking any big decision, think of the issue and their problems we may face for 1000 times. But once you get clarity never go back and stick to your decision. If you want to re think after taking a final decision, it will cost very bad name and image.

In this case, this is a matter of life of 8 lakh people. We humbly request this should be done only after announcing shelter as a right and after instituting Chief Shelter Commissioner and other entities as per our diagram and come with a one nation one housing policy which will be same for the nation, state wise and local body wise etc.,

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Dravidian Model presents a comprehensive and effective approach to tackle shelterlessness and address the housing needs of the population through a unified policy. It calls for active collaboration between government bodies, political parties, and the public to successfully implement this model. By embracing the Dravidian Model, we can pave the way for a one nation, one housing policy that recognizes housing as a fundamental right for all citizens. We earnestly urge the Government of India, Government of Maharashtra, Dharavi Development Authority, Bombay Municipal Authority, various political parties, and the public at large to contribute their valuable inputs towards making this vision a reality. We humbly request an immediate Gazette notification for the Dravidian Model, as we firmly believe it holds the answers to the challenges of providing housing for all, universally. Jai Hind!


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