CIBIL scores are increasingly becoming important in our life. This three digit numerical expression of our credit wellbeing does not only impact the access to loans and funding, but has started to have a bearing on other financial aspects as well.  Thus, it becomes highly important for one to be able to maintain a good credit score.

The first step towards management of credit scores is to know the current standing. And to know the current credit score, one is required to approach CIBIL or any of the other three credit bureaus in India (Equifax, Experian,Crif Highmark) and pull out the report. Since the credit score is dynamic one may be required to obtain report multiple times in a year. To obtain his report, one is required to pay a fee every time. It ranges from Rs 300 to 500.

A recent committee appointed by the Reserve Bank of India looked into the possibility of offering free credit reports and scores to customers. The committee, though, just stopped short of making this recommendation even though it was actively considered.

So, for now, CIBIL score costs money. However, is extending free credit bureau report and credit scores to Indian residents. They have taken upon the task to bring about credit awareness. Higher level of awareness will lead to people being credit healthy and have access to funding for various requirements. This shall in turn help individuals achieve their financial goals.

All that one needs to do is visit the site and fill in a few details and get a free credit report and credit score. Please note that this credit report is from Equifax and not CIBIL.

Not only is the company giving free credit bureau report and credit score, but is also extending an extensive explanation on the current status of the individual. This shall help the person decipher the complex report and take necessary action to manage and improve his credit well being.


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  1. Deepak S Sinha says:

    I have taken out a CIBIL Report through ICICI Direct .com.
    The report is a very casual one. It mentions that I have enquired about a loan but doesn’t mention about this loan , which I have taken.
    CIBIL should charge their participating bank on this account.
    Since I have sent atleast five reminders to CIBIL , they should respond me.

    1. IshikaM says:

      Dear Mr Sinha,

      Your loan account starts getting updated post you pay first 6 EMI’s. Also, as you applied for a cibil report through ICICI they must have updated it as an Enquiry in your report.

      In case, if your loan is more than 6 months old then you can raise an online dispute with the bureau or send an email to the bank informing them to update your account in the bureau. CIBIL takes 30 days to respond to your dispute.

      1. Deepak S Sinha says:

        Thanks. This loan was taken by me in 2066, EMIs paid regularly and finally it closed in 2013. But it was reflected in my CIBIL Report.
        I have made enquiry to CIBIL as well as ICOCI Direct, but no response.
        I need a revised report now from CIBIL.

    1. IshikaM says:

      The information asked on the form is required for the bureau to generate the report. All are required fields which one needs to fill. I have used the website and entered all the details and received my report. The site is secured and safe.

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