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Date: 27.02.2018


All Addl. Central P.F. Commissioners (Zones)
All Regional P.F. Commissioner-I (In-charge of Regions).

Sub:-Modification in Inspection Policy in respect of defaulting establishments—Reg.

Ref: (i) Head Office circular No.MIS-2(4)CAIU/Web Portal/2014-15 dated: 26.06.2014.
(ii) C-III/110001/4/2/(25)2014/HQRS/WebPortal/10398 dated: 30.07.2014.
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(vi) CAIU/Portal/2014/3577 dated: 27.05.2015.


At present, for conducting inspections permission is being taken from CAIU including for the cases reflected in monthly defaulter’s lists displayed on the website by Head Office.

For the purpose of streamlining the inspection procedure, it has been decided that henceforth field offices need not seek permission for inspection in respect of cases listed in Category `A’ & `B’ of the “Defaulter’s List (Categorywise)” to be displayed on the Dashboard of the CAIU Portal every month. It may be noted that in the categorywise list, there are three categories A, B & C with default for 4 or more wage months, for 2 or 3 wage months and for 1 wage month respectively. Regarding inspection of establishments falling in categories `A’ & ‘B’, RPFC may give priority to big defaulters keeping in view quantum of default in terms of remittances and number of employees. However, all other steps regarding inspection procedure should be followed in accordance with the extant Head Office guidelines on the matter.

View facility for a new report namely ‘Defaulter Establishments (Categorywise FO) ‘ has been provided to field offices for checking the list of current defaulting establishments by accessing the following link:-

CAIU Login→Dashboard→Defaulter Establishments(Categorywise FO)

{This issues with the approval of CPFC}.

Yours faithfully

(A.K. Mandal)

Regional P.F. Commissioner-I(CAIU)

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