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29th May, 2021

Shri Anil Baijal
Hon’ble Lt Governor
Government of NCT of Delhi
New Delhi

Sub. Appeal for review of lockdown extension & subsequent unlocking of Delhi markets

Dear Shri Anil Baijal Ji,

We truly acknowledge and appreciate your tireless efforts in handling the unprecedented Second wave of Covid in Delhi which has left an indelible impression in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Delhi. Despite your ill health you continued to work for the citizens.

After a video conference held today among 500 senior trade leaders of Delhi from all parts of Delhi representing 15 lakh traders and their 35 lakh employees, the Confederation of M India Traders (CAIT) would like to officially register gross resentment and anguish with the decision of the Delhi Government to delay opening of the shops from the coming week. It was much expected that shops would open and was also logical based on the current situation of Covid-19 in Delhi. In one joint unequivocal voice traders of Delhi register their prayer to you to review the decision immediately and reopen Delhi markets albeit in a phased and staggered manner.

Traders of Delhi appreciate the concern of Delhi Government about spreading of coronavirus which has come under control after seeing very bad days in Delhi and we have supported the Government in the decision making process even before the Government announced lockdown. traders agreed to voluntarily down their shutters.

However, we are of the firm view that the decision not to open markets from this Monday 31st May, Is illogical. without reason and immature. It is going to severely impact and crush the livelihoods of the small traders and their employees who are in an extremely adverse and precarious financial condition. When the lock-down was announced in Delhi on 19 April, the infection rate was 26 .12% and the number of infected people was 23686 which has come down to around 900 positive cases with a positivity rate less than 1.5%. Therefore. we do not see any harm in opening the shops and markets in Delhi in a Phased manner while segregating the working time for different verticals of Delhi trade. The yardstick applied for the opening Of construction activities and factories could be applied more judiciously for opening the markets.

Sir, the traders have no interest in getting infected with the virus. but the shops dosed for the last one month have shaken the traders. Several pertinent questions are being asked as to how the ongoing expenses will be meted, how the salary of the employees will be -is’ paid from where will the interest of banks. monthly installment of houses and vehicles. electricity-water expenses, property tax and shops rent be paid are the bigger questions to which are haunting the traders. The business Of Delhi has been Completely derailed, how will that business be restored when there is acute financial crunch and Absolutely, no hope of getting any kind of financial support from the government. In such a situation, if the markets and shops are not opened, then it is affecting not only the traders but also their families.

We had prepared a detailed white paper and given venous suggestions to the Government of 26th May regarding opening of markets but we are disheartened that it was not considered. We are not demanding that shops should be opened seven days a week or full working hours. Upon consultation between Delhi Government and the trade leaders, ways can be crafted to restore business activities in a manner which may certainly curb any more spreading of coronavirus. Working hours can be reduced. Delhi can be divided into different zones. night curfew can be imposed, weekend lockdowns and several other options can be considered but the fundamental is to have a wit to open the shops and markets.

We would also like to present a logical and practical blueprint for opening of shops and markets in Delhi which x611 enable the business activities to continue and adoption of enough coronavirus protective measures.

We once again appeal to you to review the decision in the light of the ground reality and we are hopeful you will take a sound decision in the best interest of the Delhi traders who have always stood with the Government through thick and thin.

Thank you, With kind regards.
Yours truly

Praveen Khandehval
National Secretary General
Confederation of All India Traders


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