Registered office of the company is the official address of the company where any communication relating to the company is sent. As it is the public record therefore different Government Departments and other organisations uses the same record to communicate with the Company.

The registered office of the Company is decided at the time of incorporation of the Company. Later on at any stage we can change the registered office of the Company by following the procedure laid down under the Companies Act,2013.

Now, the procedure to follow for registering the


A company shall, within thirty days of its incorporation and at all times thereafter, have a registered office capable of receiving and acknowledging all communications and notices as may be addressed to it. The company must file necessary address proof such as conveyance / lease deed/rent agreement etc and copy of utility bill (not older than two months) at the time of incorporation.

In case the company has not decided the registered office of the company during the process of incorporation, then the company may provide the temporary correspondence address.

As per the latest amendment every company must declare/register its registered office by filing form INC-22 within 30 days from its incorporation.


Once the registered office of the company is registered, the same can be changed at any stage. For changing the registered office appropriate procedure is to be followed. Notice of every change of the situation of the registered office, after the date of incorporation of the company, shall be given to the Registrar within thirty days of the change, who shall record the same.

In case of change of registered office of a company, outside the local limits of any city, town or village, then the change of registered office must be approved by a special resolution passed by the Company.

If the registered office of a company is to be changed from the jurisdiction of one registrar to the jurisdiction of another Registrar, then the change in registered office must be approved by the Regional Director.

Every company shall paint or affix its name, and the address of its registered office, and keep the same painted or affixed, on the outside of every office or place in which its business is carried on, in a conspicuous position, in legible letters.

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