Q.1 What is DIN ?

Ans: A Unique identification number allotted to an existing director or a person intending to become a director of a Company.

Q.2 How DIN is Obtained ?

Ans: 1. Any person intending to become a director in an existing company shall have to make an application in Form DIR-3.

2. The Applicant Shall download the Form DIR-3 From the MCA Portal and Fill in the Required Particulars like : Name, Address , DOB etc.

3. Attach the Photograph and and scanned copy of supporting documents like : Identity Proof, Residence Proof.

4. Form DIR-3 has to be signed by the Applicant and shall be verified digitally by a CS in full time employment of the company or by the Managing Director or Director or CEO or CFO of the existing company in which the applicant is intended to be appointed as a director.

Q.3 How DIN is Allotted ?

Ans: 1. Once the form DIR-3 has been submitted on the MCA Portal along with the Requisite Fees ( Online Mode )  an application number shall be generated by system automatically.

2. The Central Government shall decide on the approval/rejection of the appliaction within 1 month from the date of application.

3. if application is found to be defective/incompleteness the Central Government shall give intimation of such defect/incompleteness to the applicant ( by placing it on website of MCA or by email ), directing the applicant to rectify such defects/incompleteness by resubmitting the application within 15 days of such placing on the website or email.

4. In case of Rejection or invalidation of application the fees so paid shall not be refunded to the applicant.

5. The DIN so  allotted is valid for lifetime of the applicant and shall not be allotted to any other person.

6. There is a prohibition to obtain more than one DIN as per section 155 of Companies Act,2013.

Intimation of changes in particulars specified in DIN Application

1. Every individual who has been allotted a DIN in case of any changes in particulars specified in DIR-3, Intimate such changes to the Central Government within 30 days of such changes in Form DIR-6.

2. The Applicant shall download the Form DIR-6 from the MCA Portal and Fill in the Relevant Changes.

3. Attach copy of the proof of Changed Particulars and verification in form DIR-7 all of which shall be scanned and submitted electronically.

4. Form DIR-6 has to be digitally signed by the CA in Practice/CS in Practice/CMA in Practice.

5. The Central Government Upon being satisfied after verification of such changed particulars, shall incorporate the said changes and inform the applicant by way of Post or Electronically.

6. The Concerned individual shall also intimate about the such changes to the Company in which he is a director with 15 days of such change.

Cancellation or Deactivation Of DIN

1. DIN is Found to be Duplicate.

2. DIN Obtained in a wrongful manner / by fraudulent means.

3. Death of the Concerned Individual.

4. Concerned individual has been declared as of  Unsound Mind by The Competent Court/ Adjudicated As an Insolvent.

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