Important points to be kept in mind while Filing E-Forms on MCA Portal

1. Select correct category to download e-Form for respective services, Like Form MGT-7 For Annual Return.

2. Ensure that latest version of the e-forms has been downloaded from the MCA Website.

3. Before filling of e-forms, the professional should go through the instruction kit of the respective e-form provided by the MCA on MCA-21 portal.

4. Check Master Data of the company before filing any documents.

5. Check the date of resolution and minute book, which authorizes the Director/Secretary before filling the date of resolution in the form.

6. Don’t fill up the forms in hurry, ensure that the all the entries in the forms are correct and as per the supporting documents to be attached.

7. Attach the required documents duly scanned or converted into PDF with minimum size as possible. (Maximum Size = 6MB)

8. DIN is mandatory for e-filing of documents. Therefore, the professional should ensure that the details related to DIN of the Directors has been updated on the MCA Portal.

9. Digital Signature is mandatory and same shall be registered on the MCA Portal before it first use.

10. Use various inbuilt utilities like “PREFILL” and complete the form by clicking on “CHECK” and “PRE-SCRUTINY” after affixing Digital Signature.

11. Don’t forget to pay the filing fees before the expiry date of the challan as non-payment of fees liable for cancellation of transaction.

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