A. Versions of all e-forms – Revised

B. Annual forms under CA 1956 to be filed as an attachment to GNL-2 (w.e.f. date to be notified) , this means now all Annual Filing for FY 2013-14 or before will now be under approval route:-

  • 66;
  • 23B;
  • 20B;
  • 21A;
  • 23AC & 23ACA;
  • 23AC XBRL & 23ACA XBRL;

C. Instead of submitting CD for details of below mentioned forms, you can now upload the excel file through new service ‘upload details of security / debenture holders, depositors’.

  • Security / Debenture holders (MGT-7 & PAS-3);
  • Depositors (DPT-4)

D. E forms to be withdrawn immediately:-

  • INV-1;
  • INV-5;
  • Investor Complaint Form ( Replaced By New)

E. New e-forms Introduced:-

  • (w.e.f. 27/03/2016):
    • CHG-8( Condonation of Delay w.r.t charges);
    • INC-12(application for Section 8 License);
    • Investor Complaint e-form;
    • Serious Complaint e-form;
  • (w.e.f. date to be notified):
    • IEPF-1 (Statement of amount credited to IEPF);
    • IEPF-2(Statement of unpaid / unclaimed amount);
    • IEPF-3(Statement of share & unpaid/unclaimed amount not transferred to IEPF);
    • IEPF-5(Application to authority, for payment of dividend etc. of fund);
    • IEPF-6(Statement of share & Unpaid/unclaimed amount to be transferred to IEPF)

F. E-Forms not available temporarily

  • 23C;
  • 23D;
  • CRA 4;
  • I-XBRL;
  • A-XBRL;
  • Refund


  • Hassle free calculation of filing fees ( all e-forms):
  • Name Search shows status of existing names as:-
    • Allocated: Company existing with proposed name.
    • Reserved: Name of Companies dissolved/struck off but period of 2 years/20 years respectively NOT
    • Available for use: Companies dissolved/ struck off and period of 2years/20 years respectively elapsed.
  • Request for scanned documents: Scanned copies of documents can be viewed without cost (This service is in addition to paid view public services).
  • Company / LLP master data, now:
    • Can be exported to excel.
    • Mentions who has been appointed as KMP.
    • Displays details of past director (date of appt. & cessation).
    • Clicking on DIN, takes you to Directorship details of director.
    • Displays lists of charges (including charges satisfied) with detail of type of charge created.


  • Company & LLP Portal Combined.
  • My workspace tab (Default page on Login):
  • Shows list of all companies/LLP for which any e-form was filed with your ID.
  • Select any one Company/LLP to see all the forms of that Company/LLP filed from your ID till date.
  • Verifying DIN – PAN details: After putting PAN of person, verify whether DIN Details match with Income Tax PAN Details.
  • Download submitted form for resubmission.
  • Advance search of Companies/LLP on basis of multiple criteria.
  • Director Master Data (Directorships): View / export to excel without logging in.


  1. In signatory details, name of a director appears twice, if he was appointed as additional director & then/regularized or if there was a change in designation.
  2. Preview of view public documents (without paying fee) can be taken year wise for each category- Time Consuming.

.CS Divesh Goyal(Author – CS Divesh Goyal, ACS is a Company Secretary in Practice from Delhi and can be contacted at

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