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Process & Provisions of Incorporation of Subsidiary of Company

May 3, 2024 429 Views 0 comment Print

Learn about the process & provisions for incorporating a subsidiary company in India, including necessary documents, regulations, and requirements for foreign entities.

Process & Provisions of Incorporation of Producer Company

May 3, 2024 234 Views 0 comment Print

A producer company combines the best features of a cooperative society and a Private Limited Company, offering collective benefits to its member producers under a robust and definitive legal framework. Only business entities registered as Private Limited Companies are eligible for Producer Company registration in India. Hence, the entire process of registering a Producer Company is like that of a Private Limited Company.

Due Date Calendar May 2024

May 3, 2024 1482 Views 0 comment Print

Stay compliant with tax obligations in May 2024. Check the due dates for income tax, GST, PF, ESI, and more. Get organized with this detailed calendar.

Penalty for Delay in Filing of Form MSME-1

May 3, 2024 18990 Views 0 comment Print

The submission of MSME-1 is not only a requirement of the Companies Act, but it also has implications on the Income Tax Act and affects the statutory auditor of the company. As a statutory auditor, it is necessary to include a report in the financial statement regarding the delay in payment to MSME vendors, as […]

Provisions And Process of Strike off of Companies

April 22, 2024 1131 Views 0 comment Print

Learn about the provisions and process of strike off of companies under the Companies Act, 2013, including steps, rules, and frequently asked questions. Find out how to apply for strike off and the obligations involved

Frequency of Meetings under Companies Act, 2013

April 22, 2024 969 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the frequency and quorum requirements for meetings under the Companies Act 2013, including Board Meetings, AGMs, and Committee Meetings. Get insights to ensure compliance and effective governance.

Due Date Applicable to Companies Under Companies Act 2013

April 22, 2024 1224 Views 0 comment Print

Understand the statutory timelines for compliance under the Companies Act 2013 for various types of companies. Learn about due dates, forms, and reporting authorities.

Transactions required to be mentioned in Form MSME-1

April 22, 2024 19071 Views 0 comment Print

Discover the transactions to be mentioned in e-form MSME-1, with insights on requirements, regulations, and FAQs. Learn through examples and expert analysis

Impact of Delayed Payments to MSME Vendors: Legal Analysis

April 22, 2024 18249 Views 1 comment Print

Explore the consequences of delayed payments to MSME vendors under Companies Act & MSME Act. Learn about reporting requirements and interest implications.

MSME-1 Form: Purpose, Applicability & Compliance Guide

April 22, 2024 6423 Views 0 comment Print

Learn everything about e-Form MSME-1: its purpose, applicability, filing process, penalties, and quick tips. Get insights to avoid defaults and ensure compliance.

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