No. 10/17/2017-Legal
Government of India
Ministry of CorporateAffairs

5th Floor, Shastri Bhavan,
New Delhi, Dated: 14.06.2017


Subject:- Constitution of Regional Committee(s) to review withdrawal of prosecution cases in their region-reg.

In the meeting held under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Department of Justice it was decided to chalk out an “Action Plan for Special Arrears Clearance Drives” so as to reduce the number of Court cases. There has been continued concern on account of ever increasing litigation and the need for reducing the arrears and back log of cases in the Courts is imperative. There view of these pending cases is long overdue, and while reviewing cost of litigation, corresponding relief including time taken for disposal, etc. are required to be kept in mind.

2. Keeping in view the above the Ministry has decided to constitute following Regional Committees under the Chairmanship of Regional Director(s) of the concerned region(s) who would review all the prosecutions/pending litigations in their region(s) including cases filed by the Official Liquidators and furnish a report to the Ministry within two months. The Regional Committee(s) would identify the cases which can be withdrawn highlighting the basis of withdrawal along with list of cases, their case numbers, the Courts where these cases are pending shall be mentioned in the report in the tabular form.

Regional Committees of Ministry of Corporate Affairs:-

1. Regional Director, Northern RegionChairperson 

(i) ROC, Delhi & Haryana Member
(ii) OL Delhi Member
(iii) ROC-Kanpur Member
(iv) ROC-cum-OL,Shimla Member
(v) ROC,Chandigarh Member
(vi) OL,Chandigarh Member
(vii) OL,Allahabad Member
(viii) ROC-cum-OL, J&K Member
(ix) ROC-cum-OL, Uttarakhand Member

Regional Director, South Eastern Region

2. RD, SER –Chairperson

(i) ROC, Hyderabad Member
(ii) ROC, Bengaluru Member
(iii) OL, Hyderabad Member
(iv) OL, Bengaluru Member

Regional Director, Western Region

3. RD,West Chairperson

(i) ROC,Mumbai Member
(ii) ROC,Pune Member
(ii) ROC-cum-OL,Goa – Member
(iv) OL, Mumbai Member
(v) OL, Nagpur Member

Regional Director, North Western Region

4. RD, NWR – Chairperson

(i) ROC,Gujarat Member
(ii) ROC-cum-OL, Rajasthan Member
(iii) ROC,MP Member
(iv) ROC-cum-OL,  Chhattisgarh Member
(v) OL, Gujarat Member
(vi) OL, Jodhpur Member
(vii) OL, Indore Member

Regional Director, North Eastern Region

5. RD,NER – Chairperson

  • ROC, Shillong – Member
  • OL, Guwahati – Member

Regional Director, Eastern Region

6. RD, ER – Chairperson

(i) ROC-cum-OL,Odisha Member
(ii) ROC-cum-OL,Bihar Member
(iii) ROC,WestBengal Member
(iv) ROC-cum-OL, Jharkhand Member
(v) OL,Kolkata Member

Regional Director, South Region

7. RD, SR – Chairperson 

(i) ROC, Chennai Member
(ii) ROC,Coimbatore Member
(iii) ROC, Puducherry Member
(iv) ROC, Kerala Member

The following guidelines may be followed while performing the duties assigned to the Committees:-

  • The Regional Committee may invite any person(s) of appropriate standing having acknowledged expertise in the matters connected with Companies Act and the prosecutions thereunder;
  • The Regional Committee(s) are free to meet on Saturday & Sunday to expedite and complete their task;
  • The Regional Committee(s) are free to visit any office under their jurisdiction to complete their work.

3. Each Committee shall submit its report to the Ministry clearly indicating road map for withdrawal of cases and the percentage of cases getting reduced as a result of such withdrawal. On receipt of such a report from each regions, the necessary approval of withdrawal of such cases shall be taken and communicated to the respective Regional Directors, Registrar of Companies and Official Liquidators.

4. This has approval of the Competent Authority.

Joint Director (Legal)
Tele No: 23381687


All Regional Directors, ROCs, OLs

Copy to:-

1. PPS to Secretary,CA

2. PPS to Additional Secretary,CA


4. PStoJS(B)/JS(K)/JS(G)/JS(AC)

5. All officers of the Ministry

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