Article explains form to be filed with Registrar of Companies for Change of Name of Company under Companies Act, 2013 and Attachments to be filed with form and Relevant Sections for the same.

Change of Name of Company
S.No. Form Particulars Attachments Relevant Section
1 Proposed company needs to reserve the name New Name (Two names can be proposed) , Main Objects Section 13 and Section 4
Change of Name of Existing Company
1 Notice Issue Issue notice calling board meeting within 7 days before holding board meeting by post, Electronic means and by hand delivery.  Shorter Notice: A meeting of Board of Directors can be called by shorter notice Secretarial Standard-1
2 Hold Board meeting For name and object change and filing RUN name application to ROC Section 173
3 RUN Filing RUN application New Name (Two names can be proposed) ,Copy of Board resolution for name and object change , Main Objects Section 13 and Section 4
4 Hold general meeting Pass Special Resolution for name change and for Approval of Alteration in MOA Section 101, Section 13 and Section 4
5 MGT-14 Filing of form with ROC within 30 days of Special Resolution 1. Board Resolution

2. Certified True Copies of the Special Resolutions along with explanatory statement;

3. Copy of the Notice of meeting along with explanatory statement

4. A printed copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Associations.

5. Copy of Attendance Sheet of General Meeting.

6. Shorter Notice Consent, if any.

Section 117 and Section 102
6 INC-24 INC – 24 within 30 days of passing of Special Resolution 1. Notice along with Explanatory Statements.

2. Certified True Copy of Special Resolution.

3. Altered copy of MOA & AOA.

4. Minutes of General Meeting

Section 102, 118
1. After completing Above Procedure ROC will issue a New Certificate of Incorporation
2. As per Companies Amendment Act, 2017 In case of alteration of Name. Name shall be reserved for 60 days from the date of approval of name.

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