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Availability of Companies Fresh Start Scheme-2020 Form as e-form w.e.f. 16th January, 2021

Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020 was a scheme which given a chance to enable companies to make good of any filing-related defaults, irrespective of the duration of default, and make a fresh start as a fully compliant entity.

Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020 was introduced vide General Circular No 12/2020 dated 30th March 2020.  Scheme closed on 31.12.2020.

As per sub para (vii) of para 6 of the Scheme the application for seeking immunity in respect of belated documents filed under the CFSS Scheme has to be made electronically in the Form CFSS-2020 after closure of the scheme i.e. 31.12.2020 and after the documents are taken on file, or on record or approved by the Designated Authority as the case may be but not after 30th June’ 2021 i.e. the expiry of six months from the date of closure of the Scheme.

In this regard, MCA has informed that the CFSS 2020 Form shall be available for filing as e-form w.e.f. 16th January, 2021 for all the stakeholders.

E-Form CFSS-2020: (Application of issue of immunity certificate)

  • E Form to be filed after filling all belated documents mentioning SRN of the e-forms
  • Required to be Filed with MCA
  • Within 6 Months after the End of the Scheme
  • No Filing Fee for E Form CFSS-2020
  • Certificate of immunity will be issued by ROC
  • After certificate of immunity, no prosecution or proceedings can be initiated
  • Company will withdraw all appeals against any prosecution and ROC will withdraw all the proceedings

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