A member of the board of people that manages or oversees the affairs of a business.

Minimum Directors Required in Company:-

i. One Person Company:- One Director.

ii. Private Limited Company:– Two Directors.

iii. Public Limited Company:- Three Directors.

Types of Director.

1. Independent Director

2. Residential Director

3  Small Shareholder Director  

4. Women Director

5. Additional Directors

6. Alternate Directors

7. Shadow Director:-.

8. Nominee Directors:-.

Difference Between Executive and Non-Executive Director:- An Executive Director can be either a Whole-time Director of the company (i.e., one who devotes his whole time of working hours to the company and has a significant personal interest in the company as his source of income), or a Managing Director (i.e., one who is employed by the company as such and has substantial powers of management over the affairs of the company subject to the superintendence, direction and control of the Board). In contrast, a non-executive Director is a Director who is neither a Whole-time Director nor a Managing Director.

Firstly DIN is required to be obtained to become Director in the Company.

DIN Application Procedure

1. Self attested Pan Card

2. Self attested Address Proof

Same is to be attached in DIN Form after attestation of Professional.

DSC of the applicant as well as Professional is required to be attached.

Appointment of Director

For Appointment of Director Form DIR-12 is required to be filed.


Letter of Appointment

Form DIR-2 Enclosures Pan Card & Address Proof.

Interest in Other Entity

Cessation of Director

Form DIR-12 & Form DIR-11 is required to be filed.


Notice of Cessation

Evidence of Cessation

Change in Designation of Director


Letter of Change in Designation

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