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It is crucial and critical to understanding that CA is not the same as other accounting courses. Everyone understands that taking the CA exam / CA final exam is not easy. Hence, it is correct to say that there are no shortcuts and only hard work and patience will pay off in the end. The higher the level is, the more challenging the exams will be.

A CA is a professional certification, but it is a very challenging career choice. Unlike that, this course is too difficult for the average student. Even the average student can take CA courses and pursue a career in CA. Students who pass the 12th exam can take the Foundation level exam administered by ICAI.

CA course includes advanced knowledge of cash accounting, management accounting, strategic financial management, professional ethics and advanced auditing. In this article, we will discuss the important reasons why students don’t take the CA exam.

Reasons of Failure in CA Exams

Students fail in the final CA exams for one of the following reasons:

  • Lack of scheduling and management skills: Most students are quite careless about their careers. They only signed up for the class because of their friends, but that wasn’t the right thing to do. If you choose this course, you need to study for your exam, not someone else. So be serious. Usually, students are involved in other activities during preparation, such as family gatherings or outings. But remember that all these events can be completed without you. The correct use of time at this point is important to pass your exam from the first try. Therefore, make an effective training plan because time management is very important. And don’t just pick up a textbook and read from the first chapter. Choose your subject and interest to get a feel for the book’s content, chapters and meaning.
  • Improper selection of books and ignorance of ICAI study materials: If you wish to refer to books provided by your faculty, do not ignore ICAI materials. You don’t need to read the materials completely and thoroughly, but what they mean is what is important for you to understand. The subject matter is an important element for CA students. So you want to read this first and then other notes, especially for theoretical subjects. Materials from the institute are offered as they are very helpful for understanding the questions in the article.
  • Not writing in the correct format: Rough work is how CA students define their practice. But this way, it can be a big mistake. You always want to practice as if you were giving your final performance. This habit, when rooted, will help you pay attention to your speed and accuracy during your workout as well. Practice in a notebook and make sure to fill out the questions completely. Don’t be half-hearted.
  • Insufficient assessment time: Another important point of this study is giving sufficient importance to a fair assessment plan. A revision is needed to be successful.
  • Underestimating the theoretical part of practical work: Most students do not attach importance to the theoretical part of practical subjects. Theoretical training in practical subjects is equally important. First, you need to understand the theory and then move on to the practical part.
  • Trying test series without preparation: If you take test series without completing the curriculum, you are wasting time. Please analyze your preparation status before you blindly sign up for the test suite. With the introduction of online training, you have the freedom to try out a series of tests of your choice. Do not sign up for a series of tests until you have completed the curriculum once. Only then will you assess your level of preparation and know your weaknesses and strengths.

The reasons above are the main areas that students need to focus on to pass the CA exam successfully.


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  1. Dev Kumar Kothari says:

    Appearing in examination unprepared is an important reason of poor results in CA, CMA, CS examinations. Well prepared average candidates can also pass with reasonable marks. So one must not take chance in examination without good preparation. Avoid two times every year , instead appear once in 18 months after regular studies and availing adequate preparation leaves.
    I feel that these examinations are much easier than examinations of Doctors, Engineers. If studies are dedicated like studies for medical and engineering courses average candidate can pass in first attempt with more than 70pc chance.

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