An expectation has no end. From teens to now every moment gives some lessons and also motivates to do something better than the previous one. As a human being, we have the desire to do something better but we can’t do it just because the situation is not favourable. And due to this we decide to quit. But the main struggle starts from that time when we get the adverse result. Quitting is easy but remembers how much time you spent to reach that place and now when you are just on the reaching point you decide to quit. Let’s start with a situation of a CA student.

Being a professional student, his journey of struggle start like that. He is at a new threshold to drive into his professional journey. He spends twenty years of his life to reach his current position. As a student of world’s toughest & ambitious course – Chartered Accountancy, he has a great deal of patience and zeal to pursue it.

Yes friends and this very ambitious student of CA now work as an Article clerk. Nobody knows one’s destiny. A simple boy, from a middle-class family who never had his father’s support has now come to this stage. He faces different situations comes in his life but never loose hope.

Taking in career terms, his struggle begins from ninth standard when he has to think of higher studies and determine his goals. And this fateful chap wanted to pursue Science after matriculation but due to certain reason couldn’t and lands up with Commercial studies. This brings him in vital changes and now this begins his real “professional game”. Eventually, with age arises family pressure and career issues.

He wants to earn and simultaneously gives his best to clear the exams. Meanwhile, he clears LIC’s Assistant exam among 20 seniors but due non availability of’ H.S. Mark Sheet he couldn’t get IRDA’s permission certificate. Later, he met with the Zonal officer of LIC branch and was suggested not to enter in this field. He leaves it and moves on. Time goes on and he completes his H.S. Again he undergoes the taxing procedures of taking admission for graduation. Finally, he takes upB.Com (Hons.) in a college and time flies. But his search was still on. He looks for a job in various companies but couldn’t satisfy his quest; this whole process had taken his two precious years. During this period he continued with giving private tuitions. In the final year of graduation, he comes to know about a course called “CA “and finally he decides to chase it.

He collects enough details about the course and giving his final graduation exams, joins a CA firm and works there as an intern for eight months. After releasing of graduation result, he takes admission in CA course under the direct scheme.

As per present rule of articleship he completes his Orientation program and IT Training. The35 hours training of OP & ITT gives him a lot of professional attitudes in which one thing he learns, after coming in this field your need not feels where from you belong just need to find how can you go for.

During completion of training next step is to find a good firm where he can get a chance to learn versatile nature of works. At last, he gets into a firm and begins with his articleship. Like every student, he too, faces the same problem on first day of his office. Gradually, he starts with his first assignment.

He learns a lot in the due process. He notices that student, who takes the help of dummy and do not gain required experience. Yes, the degree is important but if you couldn’t clear the exam after 6 months of hard work then you don’t have the opportunity to get back the past 6months. That is the best part of articleship. By any means, after clearing the exams you have to work in the field, which requires practical knowledge. Days pass on and this boy faces his exams but unfortunately couldn’t clear. Meanwhile, he doesn’t leave hope and again realizes that it doesn’t mean to quit this valuable course of CA. Actually, exams are just like a cricket series in which you have to chase to score a high run. But suppose a player gets continually bold or couldn’t score 40-50. That doesn’t mean he should to leave the bat or leave the cricket as a whole. No, it’s not. Everything happens for a reason. Some score easily some take times.

Time passing on, he joins CA Students Association that gives him a lot of opportunities. He writes some articles on different issues and also is working as an article and will definitely keep trying to get his result. But he can never think of quitting CA. Entering and quitting any work is easy but consequences are very much distracting. So he always believes that everything happens for a reason no matter how tough the situation may become he will bent but will never break. And definitely one day he will be a CA.

Finally, in this way I want to say never think to quit , try to find out the way just like a river, who finds its way anyhow and reach its destination. Everyone has some special quality that makes him /her different from others and give them opportunity to achieve goal. Always remember “ winners never quit Quitters never win” . Sonever think to quit CA.

(Author is a student of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and can be reached at [email protected] or on 95479-61025)

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