CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalMay stress, violence & tension,

Do not knock our door.

O mine of compassion!

This prayer from the heart core.

May we all professionals,

Become backbone of the Nation.

Through smart auditing of organisations,

Feel proud to be part of the Nation.

O mighty Lord! May all beings be happy.

May all beings be healthy.

May all beings be wealthy.

& living peacefully, may we enjoy prosperity.

May nobody commit unjustified act anytime.

May everybody perform each act within stipulated time.

There not be any fashion of bribery in any of the department.

May we all keep ourselves away from its bombardment.

May all mechanisms of the country,

Be honest, straight & simple.

& redressel system of grievances,

Stand fast & prompt shining symbol.

O bestower of blessings!

May all our dreams come true.

And at last with all good wishes,


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  1. Sachin says:

    Truly inspirational.

    Wish you and your family a meaningful and prosperous new year. May this year brings great happiness, peace, good health for you, your family and your readers.

  2. Manjay Mahto says:

    very nice poem.
    Its an honest prayer,not for wealth but for stress less, tension free and healthy mind which is essential need of every society we belong to.

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