We hear how top athletes deal with pressure. You are mentally tough and at peace. This protects them and helps them cope or even thrive in adverse situations. It’s a mental difficulty. To give the best under high expectations or to face adversity.

The question is, are some people born spiritually stronger than others?

You may have guessed the answer! This is a skill that needs to get taught naturally. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to blog about it, right?

First, why do CA, CS, and CMA candidates need to develop calming and resilient skills?

Well, because of the challenging nature of the course. You have to be very committed and hardworking. You will see your friends having fun on days when you are forced to study. Second, if, God forbid, you fail at one attempt, you must take part and motivate yourself to succeed again despite the withdrawal.

Second, you need to be motivated by yourself. You should know that way is so long and arduous, but with great reward at the end of the journey. But staying on this path makes the whole company difficult. There are many perversions and pitfalls. You may get page chases or interruptions. But in the end, you need to learn how to force yourself to get back on that path and end the journey.

We hope that with just a few mental endurance training skills, we can show you one way to recover from stumbling blocks. Note, however, that there is no substitute for studying material. These tips will only help you get over the difficulties during an argument.

Well, without further ado, here are 5 tips to help you increase your mental stamina and strengthen your endurance.

How To Have Peace Of Mind

5 tips to help you increase your mental stamina:

Be self-aware:

You need to be aware of yourself. Being aware of yourself doesn’t mean you have to be a Zen master or anything! Only you need to be aware of your own weaknesses and strengths. You need to know your own triggers and what motivates / demotivates you. If you feel really stressed and can’t start studying, listening to uplifting music can help you lift your mood. You know each other best.

Remember when you were in the area. What’s the trigger? Are you feeling good Afraid but able to convert this nervous energy into productivity?

Try keeping a journal or journal to record your thoughts about your moods and feelings. Analyze when, how and why you are in a good mood and studying well. Instead, find out what your negative triggers are, make yourself stay away from them! Numerous people find that some negative triggers are caused by excessive social media activity and the like. So stay away from social media! Perhaps a learning exercise is to give your parents and / or trusted friends or relatives all the tools you have access to social media.


Visualization is an effective way to improve athletic performance, visualizing athletes at a great match. While exercises and courses like CA, CS, or CMA are not exactly like exercises, these methods can definitely help you! How?

One way is to imagine how you will do it. Imagine writing and taking your exams. Imagine your parents, siblings, and friends complimenting you for completing your exams. Feel it and feel it with joy.

This visualization exercise is different from the usual dreams. It is more of an internal event where you try to feel every emotion that comes with passing pleasure and your proud companion. You don’t have to be overly committed to it. It should be enough to do this mental exercise for about 5 minutes a day!


Almost every manual or self-help course talks about meditation. And with good reason too. This is a proven way to calm the mind and build mental strength. There are many meditation techniques, but one of the most popular is mindfulness meditation. With this method, you sit in a quiet room and focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Be aware of the present moment. You are an observer of the moments that go by! Remember, you are not trying to get rid of thoughts. You only notice them when and when they pop into your head when you focus on your breath. Simple but effective method.

There are now many uses out there to help you meditate. One of the writer’s favorites is Headspace. However, there are other similar applications on the market. Choose the right one for you and make the most of it!

Have a psychological mechanism to stop negative thoughts

However, negative thoughts can arise. He thought I wasn’t smart enough or I didn’t study … a mind that would paralyze even the most hardworking of students. So it’s a good thought process to have a mental trigger to stop these thoughts. This works well for the writer to imagine a red light flashing in front of him. This helps the author recalibrate his mind and focus again. You will need a similar method that will work for you.

Be kind to yourself

Be nice and kind to yourself. Don’t fight over mistakes. Make sure to be a unique person with good things. You don’t take a course because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. You can stumble and all will be well! The trick is to get up and never give up.


Here, we discussed how you can have peace of mind while preparing yourself for CS, CA and CMA. We, Book My Lectures is a one-stop digital platform where we offer online video lectures for CS, CA and CMA. Also, we provide end-to-end assistance and career guidance to aspirants so that they can achieve their goals through smarter strategies of studying. Contact us today.

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