Adding a case law to each answer makes it more effective and leaves a good impression on the teacher reviewing your answer sheet. This indicates that a student is working through the case and is well prepared to respond to it. In particular, the company secretary has various law subjects and students’ studies and consult legal cases. It is important for CS to keep case law in mind, especially when preparing corporate law for the CS.

During exam preparation, reading legal cases helps students understand legal concepts in practice. Every lawyer has the right to complain that it’s hard to remember. Are you worried about forgetting important case law when answering exam papers and how you will remember many legal cases?

Well, to reduce this fear, here are some tips to consider when remembering case laws:

Always remember that not every case law matter. But yes, as a CS candidate, you must have a professional understanding of the law. While going through the case laws pen drive classes, you have to ensure that you can focus on case laws.

There are more than 100 cases from each subject module, whether company law, constitution or SEBI. But you have to discuss with your mentor or management class teacher which case is better to remember.

The number of case laws varies depending on the module. As with company law, which is a big deal, there are more than 50 crucial case laws. While India Evidence Act, a small act, contains nearly 30 important case laws. So first, you need to plan and memorize the top 10 case laws.

Make a list of known legal cases and read them over and over. Don’t burden yourself with reaching out from time to time. Never train your mind in this way. Get in the habit of checking court statutes every day while watching CS executive video lectures so your mind will remember them.

Write down the names of the legal cases in a practical notebook and mark a line or two of the case law that the court brought in the case. Writing makes it easier to memorize for long periods.

Instead of dealing with courts or cases, memorize final decisions.

What if? You don’t remember the law of the case:

Sometimes, even after so much practice, you don’t remember the rules of a particular case. If you forget the names of the cases at the time of writing, you can still write your decision, or the case can be heard in court. Case title is not required. If you write it, that’s great, but if you don’t get a name when writing the exam, then all is well. The most important thing to mention is the decision of a case, not the name or year.

Practice overseeing case law:

See, there’s no real way to remember the case law other than to be smart and keep learning! No one can give you a tonic to drink and start exercising right away. It never happened!

The only thing you can trust is to focus on something. Remove unnecessary people from your study area. It’s better to understand that you at least memorize the case so that many people will notice it.

If you know any obscure facts outside the exam room, you think so, I’ll write them down! But when you have an answer book and a pen in hand, you can become latent.

One trick that can get you out of this sad situation is to write while you study. If you spend months writing while preparing for your CS exam, the same thing happens when you’re in the exam room. Things will get easier, and your pen will start writing naturally. Always remember that the pen is more powerful than the brain when your brain is properly trained.

Summing up:

Those are some interesting insights and mnemonic techniques for memorizing or understanding case laws in the long term. Well, these tips can vary and apply to people in different ways because everyone has their way of understanding and remembering things.

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In the meantime, we hope these tips help you. We wish you continued success in all future exams.

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