1. Recently, Prime Minister Shri. Modiji had announced the ‘Atmanirbhar programme’ which aims to create enough local production to meet local demand. The invention of such scheme was understood during such pandemic wherein, majority of our local demand was depended upon foreign markets and due to lockdown across the globe acute shortage was created. In the past, the India economy was open for import of goods from foreign country subject to restrictions imposed and levy of import duties at the time of import of goods in India. In International trade parlance, dumping happens when a country or a firm exports an item at a price lower than the price of that product in the domestic market. The Government in order to boost the domestic players & make India self-sufficient so that no such hoarding happens had decided to impose Anti-Dumping Duty on several commodities in the coming future.

2. The synopsis of various notifications issued by Central Government post lockdown by way of imposition of Anti-dumping duties is explained as under:

Sr No Tariff item Description of Goods Country of Origin/ Export1 Anti- Dumping Duty Amount Time Limit
1 2914 11 00 Acetone Korea RP USD 79.75/ MT 14-10-2020
2 2918 1520 Sodium Citrate China PR USD 96.052 / MT or 152.78/ MT 19-05-2025
3 8470 Electronic Calculator China PR USD 0.283 / piece or USD 1.22 / piece 27-05-2025
Malaysia USD 0.92/ piece 03-06-2025
4 5501 30, 5503 30, 5506 30 Acrylic Fibre Thailand USD 1624 /MT or USD 493/ MT 30-11-2020
Korea RP USD 270/ MT
5 7219 or 7220 Hot Rolled austenitic stainless steel flat products China PR USD 309/ MT 04-12-2020
Malaysia USD 316 / MT 04-12-2020
Korea RP USD 180/ MT
6 2933 1-phenyl-3-m China PR USD 5.01/ KG 09-12-2020
7 3907.20 Flexible Slabstock Polyol of Molecular weight 3000- 4000 Singapore USD 45.735 / MT or USD 153.89/MT 09-06-2025
8 5902 10 Nylon Tyre Cord Fabric China PR USD 0.526 /KG or USD 1.10/KG 11-12-2020
9 7210, 7212 ,7225 and 7226 Flat Rolled product of Steel Plated or coated

with alloy of Aluminium and Zinc

Republic of Korea USD 14.307 / MT or USD 56.968 / MT or USD 13.079 / MT or USD 84.47/ MT 23-06-2025
Vietnam USD 23.6310/MT or USD 46.8711/MT or USD 48.9612/ MT or USD 173.10/ MT
China PR USD 56.4813/MT or USD 128.93/ MT
10 9017 8010 or 9017 9000 Measuring Tapes – Steel Tapes & Fibre glass Tapes parts and components thereof China PR USD 1.83 /KG & USD 2.56/KG respectively 08-07-2025
11 2707 9900 or 2907 11 Phenol – Bulk and / or Packed South Africa USD 342.76/MT 09-01-2021

3. Imposition of Anti-Dumping Duty provisions inflates the landing cost of material, thereby discouraging imports. This is an attempt made by the Government of India towards “Atmanirbhar Program” announced by the Prime Minister of India. The same would lead to a shift of procurement channel thereby leading to an increase in local manufacturing process. Accordingly, large scale manufacturing opportunities would be created and the MSME programme and benefits introduced by the Government is in synchronisation with the idea of the plan announced by the Prime Minister of India. Some of the highlights of the changes are explained as under:

  • Electronic Segment: One of the major backbone of any economy is innovation. Technological innovation & Digitalisation is the future in which India has a better edge. Apple Inc, Dell Inc, Casio, General Electronic are some of the leading examples in the said space. India is equally competitive and Indian Companies can become global brand as we have the required resources which can satisfy local demand. Accordingly, electronic calculators sold in India are mostly imported from Thailand, China, Malaysia or Vietnam. The domestic manufacturing was not explored and the demand was met through imported goods. To boost the local market, it was necessary to impose Anti-Dumping duty. The effects may not be that immediate as alternate routes for imports may be explored but one can understand that steps have been taken towards boosting domestic production and due to such continuous efforts domestic manufacturing will gradually rise. Further, even Micromax Informatics Limited have announced launch of smartphones.
  • Steel Segment: Currently, China is a leading manufacturer of Steel in the world thereby accounting nearly 50% of the world production. The Chinese companies are getting high subsidies from the State Government. They are dumping the steel in each country. Most of the countries like India, who have their own steel Industry, have imposed Anti-Dumping Duty. India has imposed Anti-Dumping duty on procurement from not only China PR but also Vietnam and Republic of Korea.

Soon after the announcement of anti-dumping duty a statement was given by Mr. Sajjan Jindal, CMD JSW Group of Companies that “Going forward, India should be the steel producer of the world, not China.”

4. Many of the above restrictions are specifically for the goods imported from China PR and it coming at the time of the raging border dispute shall have a sentimental impact on the Indian market. Accordingly, we expect more such developments in future thereby gradually shifting the economic model and creation of tremendous opportunities for small and medium segment population leading to achievement the dream of “Atmanirbhar Program”.

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1For Details refer Notifications from 08/2020 -Customs (ADD) to 18/2020-Customs (ADD)

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7 Produced by Dongkuk Steel Mill Co. Ltd

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9Produced by Dongbu Steel Co Ltd

10 Produced by Ton Dong A Corporation

11 Produced by Hoa Sen Group

12 Produced by Tay Nam Steel Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd

13 Produced by Zhejiang Huada New Materials Co., Ltd


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