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Date: 4th December, 2018

Sub.: Manner of writing Arabic numerals in the ballot paper

Queries are being received from members as to the manner in which the numeral “1” is required to be written while marking preference in the ballot papers. The doubt seems to have arisen as different people have different way of writing the numeral “1” e.g.

Different ways of writing one

In this connection, attention is drawn to Rule 20 of the Chartered Accountants (Election to the Council) Rules, 2006, which is reproduced hereunder for ready reference:

“20. Admissible number of votes to a voter

(1) A voter shall have one vote only, and he shall have as many preferences as there are candidates.

(2) The voter in order to cast his vote: −

(a) shall place on his ballot paper the number 1 (in Arabic numerals) in the square opposite the name of the candidate for whom he desires to vote; and

(b) may, in addition, place on his ballot paper the number 2, or the numbers 2 and 3 or the numbers 2, 3 and 4 (in Arabic numerals) and so on in the squares opposite the names of other candidates in the order of his preference, upto the maximum number of preferences available to him under sub-rule (1).

(c) may put `X’ against whom he has not mentioned any preference. ”

ICAI-Expenditure on Election

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It is clarified that all the above styles of writing “1” are different fonts or different ways of writing the same Arabic numeral “1” and are valid for the purpose of our election process including treating as valid ballot paper. If the numbers are written in Roman Numbers such as I, II, III, IV and so on or in words such as One, Two, Three, Four and so on or First, Second, Third, Fourth and so on, then only the ballot paper will be treated as invalid. Further, it may be noted that any manner of marking numbers, other than Arabic numerals, will render the ballot paper invalid.

The team of officials doing the counting are thorough with the process and have been sensitised about the manner of marking preference.

V. Sagar

Returning Officer & Secretary

Source- ICAI

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