Due to COVID -19 all World is in locked down situation. It forces everyone to make use of digital techniques and tools as much as possible. Just think for a minute, if we didn’t had such advanced digital techniques and tools where we would stand.

Currently maximum people are working from home except emergency staff. It is possible only due to easily accessible Laptops, Notepads, Smart phones and High speed internet service. Everyone from small vegetable vendor to a rich personality is force to use digital tools to get the things done.

 If we keep aside COVID – 19 for a while and see the real benefits which digital tools and techniques shower on us, we will come to know how much important it is to become digitally advanced.

Digital Economic

Even though Digital tools and techniques have their limitations, it has numerous advantages to an Individual as well as to whole economy, some of which are as follows:-

  • Saves lot of time and energy

Commuting time of the employee, standing in the queue for making bill payments.

  • Family Time

An individual can spend more time with his/her family which is saved due to commuting time.

  • Time for Personal growth as well as professionally

 Individual can use that time for learning new things which helps him/her to grow personally and also be updated professionally.

  • Productivity increases

  It increases the productivity of an individual.

  • Cash less economy

Currently if we see all the payments to maid servants as well as to daily wage earners are required to be done through banking channels only. This help to tap maximum cash that is circulating in the economy. It will also help to unorganised sector workers in understanding the benefit of bank accounts as well as savings.

Every adverse situation brings with it fruits. This COVID -19 situations shown to all World the importance of become digital as well as the importance of togetherness while fighting with any form of enemy.

With this I conclude my Article.

Stay at Home and Stay Positive !!     

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