“I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so that I could…”

This dialogue hits the screen of each and every individual’s lives. The frequency differs from person to person. For some, it may be a daily dialogue while some might say it occasionally. Every now and then, the disease of busyness knocks on the door of our lives and we hold the 24 hours responsible without being reluctant. Don’t we? Even I used to hold the limited time as a culprit when I was overblown. But then, I found the hidden secret to unlock a few extra hours.

What if I tell you that I have the trick to add some extra hours to these 24 hours of yours? How? Let me show you.

It is a combination of 3C’s that is eating away most of your time, even without you being aware of it. So let us have a look at them. My job is only to make you aware of them so that you won’t continue doing it.

1) Complaining: –

“I don’t know why they create this kind of laws? Moreover, these stupid and cumbersome procedures! So tedious they are.”

We spend a lot of time complaining about how things should have been instead of what they are. There are always going to be some things, which are beyond our control, to name a few, they include the laws framed by the government, the behavior of another individual and the climate.

Whenever, you encounter yourself complaining, just filter that complains through these two questions: –

  • Whether I can do anything about it?

If No – Leave it as it is,

If Yes- Then ask the second question

  • What can I do to change it? Then act upon what can be done.

2) Comparing: –

Acting out just to match up ‘their level’ is not at all the right attitude of pursuing a happy and peaceful life. Imagine you and your friend completing CA together. Now your friend decides to pursue CWA & CS. If you try to compare yourself with your friend and follow his footsteps to get even, you might stumble and fall upon. Do exactly what you want in your life, instead of copying somebody by comparing yourself with him or her.

Also, if you are in Intermediate, you cannot compare your lifestyle with that of a working professional and feel depressed or low about your life. You cannot compare yourself when you are on Chapter 1 with somebody who is on a higher Chapter. That is a total waste of time and also deteriorates your self-worth and confidence.

Remember, everybody is unique and holds individuality. If you try to be like them, you will miss being “YOU”.

3) Criticizing: –

“That’s how he is, he never does a thing right, and I am fed up with him”

Criticizing people is the highest time waster. If nobody is found then a politician or film star or any other famous personality will be the hot favorite topic in such discussions. Do you even think they care on what you think about them? No, they don’t.

If you are really interested in changing somebody who is close to you, then go to that person and tell them politely on what needs to be changed in them and guide them through it. Your job is done after informing them of your thoughts. Don’t keep an eye on them like a spy to check on whether they are implementing it or not. That would result in a double time-waster.

Make a daily habit at the beginning of each day to remind yourself to always focus on the positive talk throughout the day. Every time you find yourself complaining, criticizing or comparing, stop there for a moment and instruct your mind “Do not waste time, we have a lot better things to do, please move on”. This way your mind will get habituated to focus on the positives and act on it.

I hope this article helps you and adds a little bit more time in your life.

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