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Failure is just another creation of the negative aspect of our mind which is not ready to accept the positive in every situation. In life whenever you undertake something, either you achieve victory or you get a lesson from it. The so called thing “Failure” is just an excuse made by the mind to not accept its mistakes. Everything that happens teaches us something we did not know.

To explain it let us relate it to the CA Final examination for which a student appears. Suppose, the student writes exams but is unable to clear it. Consider it as a failure? NEVER DO THAT!!

We should accept that if we are unable to achieve something, it is indicating us that there is still something left which needs to be learned or what you have understood is not proper and an improvement is required in it.

Continuing with our above example, when a student does not clear the CA Final examination, it normally means that at some point there has been a mistake either in preparation or in writing the exams which requires development.

Now, it is very easy for someone to say that consider failure as learning. But, when a person is struck by an unexpected result, disappointments and sorrow takes over. It becomes quiet tough to get over those and accept the learning from it. So, how do we do it?

Everything has a beginning and if you are that type of person who thinks that failure exists, try implementing the below mind set and the change in thought process will make you the type of person who is aloof from the word failure.

(a) Whenever hit by unexpected outcome, first throw your “ego” out of the window. The thinking that I am always right or I can never go wrong or I know everything is the main hindrance in accepting your mistake. Unless and until you accept your mistake you will not be able to learn from it. Try to inculcate the thought shared by Laurence M Krauss which tells that “It’s amazing to discover that you’re wrong. In fact, it’s liberating. It’s not a threat. It opens your mind”

The CA student who has failed in Final examination needs to understand that it is neither the Institutes fault nor the paper checkers fault or the paper setters fault that he has failed, but it is due to his own mistake that he has met with such an outcome.

(b) Once an individual is well aware of his mistake and has accepted it the second step to be taken is to learn from it and try to change the methodology accepted so as to end up with a better consequence in next attempt.

Having realized that you have not cleared the Finals due to some mistake of your own, the next step is to change the method of studying or the materials from which you are preparing. If any flaws are seen in the writing of papers then practice writing papers and analyse were things are going wrong and work on it

Whenever, any adverse outcome is dealt with above approach, you learn something from your previous try which prepares you for your next try.

People who are unable to accept their mistake, ignore the lessons and do not bring a change in their methodology do not achieve success in spite of ‘n’ number of tries. A perfect example of that is a student who is unable to clear CA Final examination in spite of many attempts.

I hope the above ideology I shared helps you in facing any unfavourable outcomes in your life. May God Bless You All, Thanks.

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