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The basic human psychology is that if we are given any challenge in life, we will turn the world upside down to finish it. Why? Because we have been challenged, our capacity has been questioned and surprisingly we accomplish it in the best way possible. Now, what if I tell you that this trait, that we have, can be used to deal with the tough situations that we face in life.

Everyone has or at any point of time had problems in life. You will never find a person who can say that they have never faced any problem in life. Well, I can say that! How? Let me tell you about the ideology I have adopted.

‘P’ not only stands for “Problem” but it also stands for “Perspective”. All we need to do is change our perspective towards every difficult situation we come across in our life. Instead of considering it as a problem look at it as if it is a dare to be fulfilled. A slightest drift in your perspective will change the way you live your life. Take it as challenge, just like in those games that you play (Subway surfer and Candy Crush). As soon as you clear one stage you are even more excited about the next one in spite of knowing that the next one is going to be tougher. Why not apply the same rules in our life?

Just naming your “problems” as “challenge” won’t do the job. When I say that a change in perspective is required, there are some critical aspects that need to be triggered to strengthen the perspective that you have adopted. A few things to help you out if you want to adopt this idea for pursuing your life.


Never remain stuck in your past, because remaining in past will do nothing but put you in more tension. Re-thinking or re-creating past is not going to change even a single moment of your present. So, accept your past mistakes, learn from them and thank them as you thank your teachers.  Not accepting your past and wanting it to be improved is the biggest obstacle from moving ahead in life. So keep moving and “GROW THROUGH LIFE”


Take responsibility for your actions. You are the only person responsible for any situation in which you are today. Blaming others for anything is not going to put you into a better situation. The day you decide to take up the responsibility for your life, you have liberated yourself from being affected by others. Imagine how amazing it would be to have total control on you. If you have the control, you would definitely make yourself happy. Won’t you?


NEVER GIVE UP! LIFE IS TRIAL AND ERROR! MAINLY ERROR! LOTS OF ERROR. No matter what the situation do not even think of giving up in life. Every failure comes with a lesson that needs to be learned. There will come situation in your life when people will go against you, literally trying to bring you down. In such a condition have faith in yourself because “Desires backed by faith knows no such word as impossible”


The last but not the least is being positive. Strength does not come from physical capacity; it comes from an indomitable will. The positive thoughts you nurture will give you strength to face every situation in life. Moreover, keeping positive attitude attracts more positivity and you will end up with abundance of hopefulness in life. This affirmation will give you the capability to remain determined and encouraged throughout the tough times.

I hope you can bring a change in your life by implementing the above principles or ideas. In case of any in-depth understanding required on any of the above aspects do let me know.

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